Take control of your commission rate

Numerous Choices When It Comes to Commission Rates

You decide how much commission you pay, and agents opt into your commission rate.

The ball is in your court.

Anyone on Rezdy can resell each other. You can even choose to resell other suppliers, by opting into their commission rate.


Define rates per product

Set a commission rate or net rate for each product you’d like to push to the Rezdy Marketplace.

Include or exclude extras

You can choose to give agents commissions for up sells. Encourage your agents to sell product upgrades, and accessories. Learn more about extras.

Rezdy’s platform empowers tour operators by:

  • Allowing suppliers to set their own commission rate, which agents opt into.
  • Allowing suppliers to share your live inventory with their agents. This means that there’s no chance of overbooking and agents can make that sale faster.
  • Allowing suppliers to resell each other’s products. Most of you are already referring other services in your region, so it makes sense to make it an official partnership.
  • Managing agent commission reconciliation. All agent sales are shown in black and white, and Rezdy makes the payment on behalf of suppliers.

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