Send automated emails

Emails Complete Your Customer Experience

Send automatic booking confirmations, reminders, follow ups, and payment request emails to keep your customers engaged.

It isn’t just about the tour itself – your customer engagement should be begin long before the tour, and end long after. Customise automated emails to reflect your brand guidelines.

Each email dynamically adapts to the specifications you set for each product. You can also trigger emails that you have set up in third party services like MailChimp. Your customer’s experience with you starts at the time of booking.

Booking confirmation emails

Booking confirmation emails are automatically generated by Rezdy to give your customers peace of mind after they have filled out your booking form.

Personalized emails

Address your customer with their first and last name, automatically send personalized emails based on the data your customers already gave you.


Thanks for booking with {{COMPANY_NAME}}. Your order {{ORDER_NUMBER}} is {{ORDER_STATUS}}. {{ORDER_STATUS_HELP}}
If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.”

Reminder emails

Send up to 3  automatic reminder emails to avoid no-shows and disappointed customers. Here are some ideas.

  • Say thank you for making a booking, saying we value your business and look forward to meeting you.
  • How many times have customers shown up with the wrong shoes? Remind them what they need to bring so they’re as comfortable as possible.
  • With Rezdy you can send a reminder email 1 hour before the tour starts, with a map, what to bring, and the guide’s contact details.

Each email reiterates your Terms & Conditions.


Add attachments

Add attachments like printable tickets, receipts or your liability waiver.

 Follow-up emails

Automatically send up to 3 follow-up emails after your customer’s experience with you. Here are some ideas.

  • Ask customers how their tour was, and ask for them to rate you on TripAdvisor.
  • Drive social traffic. For example, say, “Your photos/videos have been added to our Facebook page! Check it out here.” Include links to your other social profiles and ask for a follow.
  • Encourage repeat customers. Offer specific promotions for complementary products. You can include giveaways and free samples.

Payment request emails

Automatically send up to 3 payment request emails for customers who have only paid a booking deposit.

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MailChimp Integration

Rezdy connects you to MailChimp via Zapier so you can trigger your marketing emails based on contacts created in Rezdy.


Without automated emails, it would cost you lots of time and money to ensure that each customer gets an engaging and consistent experience when communicating with you. Rezdy’s automated email feature does all of the work for you and makes you look professional.



Email delivery tracking and email logs

See when your customers have opened the email you sent them, and why an email was dropped or bounced.

Rezdy also allows you to send and receive SMS in addition to Emails.

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