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Rezdy Premium Plan

Online booking fee6%0%
% paid byYour customers
Monthly Subscription$179
Agent booking fee$0.65 (first 250/MO free)
Take DepositNot allowedYes
Payment GatewayStripeAny
User roles18
Search Engine OptimisedYesYes
Agent interfaceNoYes
Great American DaysNoYes

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Save Money!

We only charge a flat monthly fee, no hidden fees for your customers. We’ve seen other tour operators save up to $12,000 a year!

Cheap online bookings

Your customers don’t pay booking fees when booking online. Rezdy collects all bookings in 1 place. no additional fees for your customers, ever!

Take Deposit Payments

Allow your customers to pay you in terms, online, in your office, on the tour or wherever they want. Rezdy keeps track of how much your customers owe you.

Get connected with large agents

Connect to Expedia, GetYourGuide, Viator, Ctrip, Great American Days, Tours4fun, CityDiscovery and many more. Rezdy is an open platform where you can manage many different distribution channels.

Grow your distribution network

Network, trade and thrive with thousands of agents.

Learn how we connect you to our distribution partners

Rezdy's Channel Manager updates availability in real-time across your distribution partners

Our view on commission based booking software

Why Only Agents Should Earn Commissions — Not Your Booking Software

The answer to this one is simple: your agents are bringing you more bookings, and helping you grow your business. They earn a living by selling your products, which is why you need to pay them a commission. Your booking software is a tool, not directly responsible to increase your bookings. It merely helps you to manage your strategy to get more bookings.

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Booking Software pricing: Flat monthly Fee vs. Commission Rates, What is Best for the Tour Provider?

There are pros and cons to both types of booking systems. For example, with a fixed-rate system, you can be locked into a low monthly rate regardless of the numbers of bookings you have, which may benefit you as your business grows and your bookings increase. You will enjoy a larger profit and return on your investment.

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