Brad doubles his online bookings in less than 10 months.

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Brad Mark knows the recipe for success: as one of the founders of Pole Position Raceway, he’s witnessed his company grow from 3 to staggering 13 locations America wide. In his own words, “We were built by racers, for racers. We were a bunch of people with a racing background that got together and decided to start the best and the fastest indoor karting in America. We’re celebrating our 9th year in business this year and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done. It was and still is a real labor of love and something we’d do every day for free if we were just having fun.”

As the business grew, so did the online world and the demands and behaviors of customers slowly started to change. “For years, we struggled to find a suitable online reservations system”, Brad continues. “We grew to be big enough for people to expect a certain level of service from us, but not big enough to ring Microsoft and ask them to build us a program.

After checking out close to 10 other systems, I got introduced to Rezdy and realized nothing made sense the way Rezdy did. Not only for its ease of use. It’s extremely cost-effective and the ongoing costs are really minimal, compared to the return we see from it. It’s also the network, the community, the Marketplace, the people that are on it, agents that I never knew existed around the world now selling Pole Position, and the local culture and community that we’ve grown out of it.”

“I checked close to 10 other platforms. Nothing made sense the way Rezdy did.”

R: What are some of the biggest wins your business has experienced by using Rezdy?

BM: The numbers of bookings are through the roof. I have doubled my individual reservations in less than 10 months. I started with Rezdy at the first part of 2016 and I have doubled what we did in all of 2015. While the rest of my business is relatively flat, that part of our business has doubled. It’s amazing.

While the rest of my business is relatively flat, the number of our online reservations has doubled. It’s amazing.

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Another fantastic result is that we’ve grown our distribution and expanded our resellers network dramatically. Before, I had three or four agents that were reselling me out there. Once I got onto Rezdy, through the Marketplace and all the tools that Rezdy provides, I went to almost 40 agents. It’sa great way to expand your business quickly and easily with a click of the button.

I also used to employ a full-time Accounts Payable person for sending out bills, invoices, vouchers etc.  Now, all of that is done via Marketplace. All of our agents get paid immediately. It saves me 40 hours a week in administration. It’s great.

R: You mention Rezdy Marketplace helps with Distribution and Sales. What about Marketing?

BM: One of the coolest things I’ve discovered in Rezdy are certainly the promo codes. If I advertise, say, on a billboard, I can assign it a special promo code. If people use that promo code, I know they’re seeing my billboards. So, not only have these codes helped me in my current business and to get new business, but they help me know what’s working when I spend my advertising dollars. I have an immediate understanding of my return on my investment.

Rezdy also encourages the industry to cross-market. Since implementing Rezdy, I’ve created a solid network of colleagues and friends. They’re probably competitors in some realm because we all compete for the same dollar. The tourism market is very competitive and people are looking for stuff to do. Through Rezdy I’m able to connect with other partners that are using it, so we can work together. Somebody may want to come to Pole Position Raceway and race and then try indoor skydiving or flyboarding. It gives us a platform where we work together as a community beyond saving time, beyond saving money, beyond competing for new customers.

“It gives us a platform where we work together as a community; beyond saving time, beyond saving money, beyond competing for new customers.”

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R: What would be your message to businesses considering Rezdy as their booking and distribution platform?

BM: If you’re not online, you’re missing out. I’ve worked with so many technology companies in our nine years here that sometimes you feel like a tiny fish in an ocean. That’s not the case with Rezdy. It’s not only because of their local, personal service, but its ease of use, its Marketplace, the reporting features, the speed at which you can get it installed and running. There’s so many different ways you can integrate it, from a very simple link on your website or as a complete integration with your own POS systems. It’s just a really great system. Get out there and just try it. There’s nothing better and you’ve got nothing to lose.

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