"With Rezdy, everything just works."

- Patrick Courtnage, Adventure Flow, Juneau, Alaska

About Adventure Flow

Adventure Flow is a guided tour company in Juneau, Alaska that offers incredible hiking & photography tours around the Mendenhall Glacier and walking tours in culturally rich downtown Juneau. Conceived in 2014, they’re now heading into their third summer season.

With a strong interest in education and storytelling, Adventure Flow want people to walk away with the new knowledge and skills they can continue to use in their everyday life. They’ve even pioneered a unique amplification system that lets guests hear their guide perfectly, even if they are standing 30 meters away!

Their passion for technology has also seen them tap into the software market, heading the recent development of a smartphone app that does self-guided tours. Their ultimate dream is to leverage the power of technology to create experiences that will scale out to hundreds and thousands of people.

The Problem

Adventure Flow is a seasonal business (operating May through to September each year) and its owner Patrick Courtnage uses most of his ‘other’ time to focus on developing digital products.

With such an arrangement, he needed a booking system that would be robust and responsive enough to be trusted. Since Adventure Flow never used any other booking system available on the market today, the only problem they had was investing a big chunk of time to do their research, in order to find the most suitable platform with commission-free, flat-rate monthly fee.

“I did A LOT of research on booking systems when we started our company. From day one, we have always used Rezdy. The big reasons for choosing Rezdy were flat-rate billing, robust feature set, and the built-in API.”

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The Solution

Adventure Flow’s research has shown that Rezdy is the most suitable, most adaptable and price-friendly option for Alaskan tour companies.

The flat-fee billing is certainly attractive and doesn’t allow for any hidden costs or chunks of hard-earned profits to be taken away. “Most booking systems take a percentage of revenue which just doesn’t make sense to me. Rezdy’s flat-rate billing system is fair to tour operators like us and is one of the biggest reasons we continue to use it.”

“Most booking systems take a percentage of revenue which just doesn’t make sense to me. Flat-rate billing is fair to tour operators and is one of the biggest reasons we stick with Rezdy.”

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Another big plus was the simplicity of the installation process and the overall experience for the average user. “Rezdy is a super easy product to implement. I even skipped the onboarding training because everything was just so intuitive. I was able to create my products, populate sessions in the calendar, and add the booking widgets to my webpage in a matter of minutes.”

The Future

While Patrick and Eric are knees deep into developing their digital products, their Rezdy system pretty much runs itself and it’s all smooth sailing.

But, every business is unique and every now and then, ideas pop into their heads about something extra Rezdy could do for their tour business. They know Rezdy’s always at the forefront when it comes to implementing fresh new features that give tour businesses the competitive edge that’s much needed in this saturated, competitive space.

“Occasionally we’d get in touch with Rezdy about some features we’d like to see implemented or hiccups we’d have along the way. All big issues were resolved and taken care of promptly. Their support team is always on the ball, providing thorough answers in a very helpful manner. Bottom line is, everything just works and that’s the biggest win.

So, if you want to use a product that bills fairly, has a great feature set, and continues to innovate, use Rezdy.”

“If you want to use a product that bills fairly, has a great feature set, and continues to innovate, use Rezdy.”

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