How Rezdy Benefits Skydiving Providers

Change bookings easily. Reschedule bookings in a couple of clicks. Customers get sent a confirmation email straight away.

Apply your cancellation policy. Protect your cash flow from last-minute cancellations by applying your cancellation fee. No chargebacks needed.

Manage your resources the smart way. Make sure you have enough instructors and equipment before an online booking can be made.

Get a free demonstration of Rezdy’s software to see how it works.


Our top picks for Skydiving providers

Skydiving Case Studies

Sunshine Coast Skydivers

Soar With Rezdy’s Online Booking System Tony is the Manager of Sunshine Coast Skydivers, a beach tandem skydiving tour on the Sunshine Coast. Since Tony’s is a small family business, you can imagine why it’s so important for him to be efficient. But unfortunately, his outdated way of taking bookings was draining his time. “The way… Learn More

Rezdy for Skydiving Demo