How Rezdy Benefits Scenic Flights Providers

Make better use of your time. Forget juggling between getting passengers onto your flights, answering the phone for enquiries, and jotting down bookings on a piece of paper. Focus on running your business while Rezdy does most of the admin work.

Ask for credit card details without charging. That way you don’t have to do full refunds when the weather is bad and a customer cancels. Instead you can charge your cancellation fee. With a clearly stated policy, you can minimise cancellations and no-shows without affecting your cash flow.

Manage your resources better. Our resource-dependant calendar makes sure that you have the resources to service a booking BEFORE an online booking can be made. That way you can’t allocate passengers to a flight session without there being enough aircrafts and flight equipment on hand.

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Our top picks for Scenic Flights providers

Scenic Flights Case Studies

Salt Air

Online Bookings Are A Breeze With Rezdy Michelle is the Marketing Manager for Salt Air, the only scenic flight company in the Bay of Islands, in Northern NZ. She loves her job – especially when she gets to help young couples get engaged – but she quickly realised that a critical business process was holding her… Learn More

Rezdy for Scenic Flights Demo