How Rezdy Benefits Kayaking Providers

Apply your cancellation policy. Protect your cash flow from last-minute cancellations by applying your cancellation fee. No chargebacks needed.

Manage your kayak rentals. Simply set pricing by hour or by day.

Manage your resources the smart way. Make sure you have enough guides and kayaking equipment before an online booking can be made.

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Our top picks for Kayaking providers

Kayaking Case Studies

Sydney Harbour Kayaks

Paddle Through A Stream of Online Bookings With Rezdy Shannon O’Brien is the Owner and Managing Director of Sydney Harbour Kayaks. As Australia’s largest full service kayak and ski centre, they offer kayaking tours, rentals, lessons and products. Their kayaking tours journey across harbour waters and protected coves, led by experienced guides who share stories about the area’s… Learn More

Go Sea Kayak

Turn the Tide With Rezdy’s Online Booking Software Kurt Tutt loves his job at Go Sea Kayak. He gets to give people a once in a lifetime experience – seeing marine animals like dolphins, turtles and whales up-close and personal in their natural habitat in beautiful Byron Bay. But Kurt was having problems with meeting capacity… Learn More

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