The all-in-one booking platform your fishing business needs to grow

Booking & Management Software For Fishing Charters and Tours

88 Countries

2,200 Suppliers

3,100 Agents

45,000 Things to do

$1.2 Billion In Bookings Per Year

A booking system that's as unique as you are

A booking system that's as unique as you are

Integrates easily in to your existing website.

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Save time with automatic resource allocation

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Take online bookings instantly, 24/7

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No Commission on Sales

Don't pay a fee for every booking you take

You worked hard for your customers, don’t let booking companies take a slice of your profits. If you’re currently paying a commission find out how much you can save today! No commission means more profit!

Manage fishing resources the smart way

You can link resources (like boats, equipment, and instructors) to sessions, in order for your session availability to be automatically updated based on your resources availability.

Rezdy will automatically adjust the availability for all your tour options that need a particular resource. It does this as people book, so you’ll never be overbooked and you don’t have to adjust availability manually. That way, your customer’s orders will be automatically confirmed, and because Rezdy is managing your availability, your products can never be overbooked.

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Sell to millions of customers online
Rezdy connects your business to the world’s biggest Online Travel Agencies, such as Expedia and Tripadvisor.

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Get organised with Rezdy’s visual calendar

Modify bookings or allocate resources straight from the calendar. Drag and drop sessions, block availability and customise your view in a few clicks.

Rezdy also allows you to customise your manifest so that you and your staff are totally organised and ready to run your tour or activity.

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