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Send customizable booking confirmations, follow up emails/sms, vouchers, promo codes and gift cards.

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Your availability changes every time a booking has been made.

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Accept bookings on your website or during after hours when you can’t pick up the phone.

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Increase your reach by selling through large and small agents that have access to your real-time availability.

Automate your booking process.

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“Rezdy takes away so much of the work that needs to be done”

– Brett Deverell, Sydney Cooking School

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Rezdy allows you to easily connect to world's largest Online Travel Agencies

Booking Software

Manage your entire business, schedule sessions, allocate rooms to timeslots, and increase your bookings by accepting online bookings.


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Channel Manager

Connect to large online travel agencies to get more bookings, your availability is automatically updated.


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Discover, network and trade with agents in your area. Enable hotels, visitor information centres, event manager or anyone else to start selling for you.

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Manage kitchens and staff – Accept group bookings to block out kitchens and learn how many staff members you need for the day.

Sell party packages – Are you selling extra packages? Offer them in the booking process.

Deal with cancellations – Allow your customers to join a waiting list for fully-booked time slots.

Much more – Looking for that one specific feature you really need for your cooking school business? Rezdy probably has it, take a look and find out.

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