The booking program that changes how you do business

Rezdy is designed to help you get more bookings.

Rezdy Booking Program

Do you run a tour operating business? Do you want more online bookings? Are you finding it hard to stay on top of your admin work and customer communications? Do you want to streamline your productivity? Do you need Rezdy?

Discover the online booking system that does all this and more. Rezdy makes life easy for tour operators and is designed to let you automate business operations so you can save time and stay focused on what you love to do.

See why tour operators all around the world are transforming their business with Rezdy.

More bookings

Rezdy is designed to help you get more bookings. Our advanced, yet user-friendly scheduling software offers your customers a smoother, easier booking solution. Give them 24/7 access to your business as well as full autonomy when making online bookings. There’s no need for you to manage appointment scheduling and no need for customers to enquire about available dates and times; Rezdy will book appointments for you in a matter of minutes, completely hassle free. Rezdy is your fully automated, smart and intuitive assistant and the ultimate booking solution for any business that operates online.

Increased productivity

When your business operations are automated you increase your productivity. You entered the tour operating business because your love operating tours – it’s simple and Rezdy keeps it that way. Gone are the days when you let tedious administration work get in the way of doing what you love. When you’re inundated with emails, paperwork, reports, meetings and follow-ups, we can sometimes leave the customers behind, which can result in unsatisfied customers and cancelled bookings. However automating your admin work lets you spend more time attending to your customers and stay focused on the important, meaningful aspects of your business, working to reduce no shows. Customers value the time you give them, and the more time you have to give the happier they will be.

Business integration

Easily integrate Rezdy with a wide range of business applications and streamline your productivity. Combine more bookings with business essentials such as:

Easy payment options

Rezdy makes online payments easy. Use our convenient booking app on any device and accept online payments in real time. When you can give customers fast confirmation at the point of sale, you ensure more customer satisfaction and a better user experience for everyone. Rezdy also offers a range of various Payment Gateways so you can manage your entire business from one user friendly platform.

Network, Connect, Grow

Marketplace is like the social media platform for tour operators. Connect with like-minded people from around the world and expand your horizons. With Marketplace, Rezdy is more than just an online booking program. Find and network with suppliers and agents, search for new products, discuss and share rates, stories and experiences, learn more and more about the tour operating industry everyday.

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We are always here for Tour Operators.

Along with convenient booking and customer management features, Rezdy also provides a dedicated support team to help you whenever you need. Our team of handpicked individuals are dedicated to the success and growth of your tour operating business as much as you are. From Getting Started, to frequent updates about anything New in Rezdy, our helpful team and online Help Centre offers setup guides for both Suppliers and Agents, How-to Webinars and a Developer Portal so you are never left behind.

We love feedback

When it comes to feedback, we truly listen. Part of delivering intuitive scheduling solutions that deliver on results is listening to what our people want and need. If you see an area where we can improve, or our software is missing a feature that will help you boost sales even further, then just let us know. We thrive on learning, innovating and continuously making Rezdy better everyday so we can proudly and confidently call ourselves the best independent booking software for tour operators. Visit our Help Center for more information or feel free to Contact Us whenever you like.

Rezdy ‘s booking program helps to increase your productivity and grow your business.