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Rezdy’s scheduling software is that much more convenient, time saving and seamless when you combine it with the very handy (and free) online booking app. Now you can manage your bookings anytime, anywhere.

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<h2 style=Keep your business open to the world 24/7"/>

Keep your business open to the world 24/7

When you take your tour operating business online, customers book at all hours of the day (and night), so it can be tricky to stay on top of the booking process from time to time – especially once you’ve gone home for the day. While you wrap up after a hard day of work, the other side of the world is just getting started, which means you’re likely to be greeted with a large amount of bookings the next morning. However, Rezdy’s convenient booking app lets you take care of business and customer management, after hours too.

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Stay in control

Now we aren’t saying you should be working into the early hours of the morning every night, but having access to your business when you are away from work does keep you in the loop, putting you in control. With automated reminders, real-time notifications and on-the-go access to appointment scheduling details, the Rezdy app keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on – all the time. You can decide if something requires your attention then and there or if it can wait till the morning. Plus, when you can manage bookings and accept online payments on the go, you are more likely to reduce no shows in the future. Customers value fast, responsive service and the Rezdy booking system app lets you do just that.

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As a tour operator, your work can take you somewhere different everyday – this means you need a practical solution that lets you take your business with you. Download the app today!

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These are just a few of the easily configurable features that Rezdy’s Booking System offers. See how Rezdy can work for your business with our free trial today - you won’t regret it.

Why our clients love Rezdy

<h2 style=Loksha Tours"/>

Loksha Tours

Sharmila is the owner of Loksha Tours, a licenced tour operator service offering Day Tours and Packages in Australia. Before using Rezdy, Sharmila was losing bookings due to the fact that all her customers were coming from different time zones. Communication was difficult, there were delays and Sharmila was having a hard time keeping up. Sharmila tried several options to resolve this issue, however nothing really worked until she made the switch to Rezdy. Now customers from the other side of the world are able to book and make online payments on one convenient booking platform while Sharmila is fast asleep (dreaming of all the new bookings she will wake up to).

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Tour de Vines

Damian is the owner and founder of Tour de Vines, a tour operation that combines his love for cycling and good food and wine. Prior to coming on board with Rezdy, Damian was missing a streamlined process for managing bookings. He also found follow-up communication with customers between their initial booking and experience a challenge. This resulted in customers writing his business off as clumsy and disorganized. However, his transition to Rezdy changed everything. Rezdy organised all of his admin tasks, automated the booking process and freed up more time for Damian to focus on the more important things – his customers.

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Jesse owns and runs ATXcursions, a unique tour company that takes their guests on outdoor adventures in Austin, Texas. It originally started as a small shuttle service, Jesse and his business partner, Andrew realised they could turn their business into something much more exciting. However, if they were going to expand, they wanted to do it the right way and an efficient booking system was key. If they didn’t start ATXcursions with a streamlined booking process in place, Jesse believes his business wouldn’t be where it is today. Rezdy provided a great user experience for both staff and customers, automated booking processes such as payments and scheduling and gave them all the right tools to take ATXcursions to higher places.

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We are constantly working to improve our booking software and mobile functionality, which is why we love hearing your feedback on what is working and what perhaps isn’t. If there’s a feature our software is missing that will help improve how you do business, let us know. We will do our best to ensure our software aligns with all your business needs, so you can continue to grow.

Keep up to date

As we love making Rezdy better for our tour operators, our Product & Development team are constantly updating and improving our booking system. Stay up to date with all the latest fixes and improvements and never miss an opportunity to make the most of our convenient booking system. See what’s new in Rezdy now.