What Kind of Agents Can Bring You More Bookings?

10 Jan 2016     |    Blake Ng

You’re the only company in your destination that offers bicycle tours complete with a picnic lunch and souvenir photo. You know you have a valuable product that tourists will be interested in, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to acquire the direct bookings you need to succeed. Thriving in the travel industry today requires you to reach out to a global audience, and in order to do that you need to partner with agents who will sell your products. These are the connections you need to make in order to increase your bookings.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

An OTA is a one-stop-shop for the busy traveler who is looking for a great deal. There, they can purchase a package that includes transportation and accommodations as well as tours and activities. As a tour and activity provider, you want to be part of those incredible package deals. This helps you to increase your exposure to a global audience that you would not otherwise have access to, and also help you increase your direct bookings. Some of the most well-known OTAs include Viator and AdventureFree.

Daily Deal Sites

A daily deal site relies on group buying power in order to offer customers great deals while still allowing local businesses to earn the profits they need. Those in the tourism industry can utilize a daily deal site in order to promote an excellent deal on their tours and activities. For instance, you could offer a steeply discounted price on your bike tours during the off-season, as this would help drive up sales during a traditionally slow time. It also helps you increase you exposure and reach an audience that you might not otherwise access. Examples of daily deal sites include Groupon and Living Social.

Experience Gift Retailers

Experience gifts are rising in popularity as people begin to recognize the value of living in the moment, and enjoying time with someone special. Tour and activity providers can partner with experience gift retailers in order to market their products and make them available for bookings through the gift retailer’s site. This is a great way to target your local customers who may not think about enjoying a traditionally tourist activity. The good news is, emotional buyers are willing to spend more on a gift for someone special. Experience gift retailers that you may have heard of include Red Balloon in Australia and Great American Days in the United States. These 2 are typically known to be fully incremental distribution channels.

How to connect?

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Given the fact that these agents can access your tour availability at any given moment, and instantly earn their commission through the portal, they will be motivated to sell your products. To see how Rezdy can improve the way that your tour and activity business operates, begin your free trial today.