What are Fully Incremental Distribution Channels for Tour Operators?

9 Oct 2015     |    Taz Bareham

In the past, it was easy to promote your tour and activity company. You simply advertised to travelers by placing advertisements in travel magazines, by providing travel agents with brochures about your services, and by putting signage in front of your storefront. Today’s tour operators have to think outside the box though in order to reach a larger audience and grow their business into a successful venture.

In addition to marketing to leisure and business travelers, tour operators need to discover new customers and reach out to people they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Discovering a fully incremental channel can change the way that tour operators do business.

A fully incremental distribution channel

A fully incremental channel is a distribution channel that allows tour operators to sell to consumers they would not otherwise be able to reach. Generally, developing a fully incremental distribution channel requires a tour and activity company to work with an agent network in order to resell their product.

In addition to selling tours and activities directly on their business website and within their brick-and-mortar location, tour providers should market their services through OTAs and visitor centre locations. Through these partnerships, tour operators can develop a channel strategy that allows them to uncover fully incremental distribution channels.

Gift Cards

For example, a tour and activity company that provides kayak excursions may partner with a local company that employs a significant number of people in the region. The tour provider can offer gift cards to the employer, who can in turn offer them to the employees as a reward for a job well done.

These employees may not normally be looking to book the tours and activities that are generally enjoyed by the tourists who visit the region, but the gift card will entice them to look into the opportunities available. Not only are these employees likely to book a tour, but they also may recommend the company to family members and friends. Through this unique partnership, the tour provider has created a fully incremental distribution channel and opened up a new line of revenue for their company.

Distribution Strategy

The key to uncovering these fully incremental channels is to develop a channel strategy that allows you to utilize various vendors in order to reach the consumer. While a simple channel strategy that allows tour operators to sell directly to their consumer is effective, today’s market typically demands a more complex and thoughtful approach.

There are a number of channel options available that allow tour and activity providers to maneuver through the chain of commerce in order to reach the end consumer, including OTAs, visitor centres, daily deal sites and concierge services at local hotels.

Your Distribution Channels

In order to maximize your distribution and uncover the fully incremental distribution channels that are available to you, partner with an online booking system that makes it easy to implement your channel strategy. Rezdy is an online booking system that simplifies the distribution process by offering an easy-to-use Marketplace. Begin your free trial of Rezdy today.

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