Web Hosting Explained for Tour Operator

11 Jun 2012     |    Taz Bareham
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If you already know what web hosting is, then you will realise the title of this post is obviously a rhetorical question. Otherwise, read on because it’s not something you can afford to ignore; web hosting is a necessity for your tour business. Why? Because it’s responsible for making your website ‘go live’ – that is, making it available to Internet travellers worldwide.

This means that you can build the best website in the world, but if it’s not web-hosted (uploaded to a hosting server) the world will never see it, because it’s not available online.

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Due to the technical complexity (not to mention cost) that comes with web-hosting, many people choose to outsource to a web hosting company. There are three main reasons why outsourcing is a better option:

#1 It helps you manage expenses

  • Removes the need for big capital outlays on hardware and data centres
  • Allows your funds to be spent on other primary business expenses
  • Offers affordable and predictable monthly costs
  • Allows you to pay as you grow
  • Delivers a faster return on investment (ROI)

#2 It helps you extend your resources

  • Reduces your labour costs
  • Provides you with access to a resource of experts
  • Concentrates your people on core business needs
  • Supplies staff instantly for those ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Letting you take advantage of new technologies without having to hire experts in-house

#3 It limits your business risks

  • Keeps capital on hand for “rainy days”
  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently change plans
  • Guarantees that you stay online
  • Implements the solution quickly
  • Places your focus back on growing your business
  • Allows you to pursue new revenue-generating ventures


It is important to understand that online reservation site are hosted by your provider. Reservation software companies handle the technical issues as well as security to allow you to accept online reservations securely 24/7. When choosing a tour operator software, make sure the hosting plan has no space, bandwidth, product, nor transaction limits.

Deals around web hosting are changing all the time we strongly recommend you do research once every 6 months to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Google, purchase a local PC magazine from your news agent, keep an eye out if you subscribe to SMB newsletters, ask fellow networkers what they use, etc…

Web hosting is just one small piece of the puzzle to moving your tour and activity business online. If you are interested in learning more, please download our free eBook:

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What challenges have you encountered when it comes to web hosting? Let us know in the comments section below.