UX – Navigation Bar: Why Having a Simple Navigation Bar Matters

19 Sep 2019     |    Blake Ng

UX Design requires you to consider the needs of the user first when creating your website. This means that you care about how the user feels when they are browsing your page because you recognize that their emotional and social connection with your website has a direct relationship with their desire to book your products. When implementing a UX website design, you will want to consider each feature and make sure that every feature encourages positive interactions with your brand. The bar is a surprisingly important feature of your tour and activity website.

Why simple is best when it comes to your navigation bar

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Your navigation bar is the gateway to your website. Once you have captured the attention of a prospective traveler, they will head to your bar to learn more about your brand. If your navigation bar is complex and unnecessarily detailed, your website visitors will quickly lose interest. Today’s online users are notoriously impatient, and they want things to be simple and clean on the websites that they interact with. Your bar needs to be as simple as possible, but it also needs to guide users throughout your website and encourage them to book directly with you before they leave the page.

What should your navigation bar look like?

So you know that your bar needs to be simple, but what exactly should it look like? These tips can help you create a bar that is aesthetically pleasing:

  • Your navigation bar should feel like an extension of your page. It should utilize the same color scheme as the rest of your website, and focus on your official brand colors.
  • It should be descriptive without being flowery. Your descriptions of your menu options will help improve your SEO rankings, but they need to be simple enough to keep the attention of your target audience.
  • It should have no more than seven options. With more than seven pages to explore, users are going to become overwhelmed and uninterested in what your brand has to offer.

What should be included in the navigation bar?

There are several must-have elements that you need to include in the navigation bar on your tour and activity website:

  • Your Tours — In most cases, users will be digging deeper into your website to learn more about your tours. Link directly to your tour descriptions in your navigation bar.
  • Your About Page — Many website visitors will want to know more about your company, so this is a worthwhile link from your navigation bar.
  • Your Contact Information — Make it easy for your target audience to get in touch with you by including this link in your navigation bar.

Understanding the latest website design trends can be overwhelming for tour and activity operators, but the process can easily be simplified when you partner with an online booking solution that specializes in your industry. Rezdy is an online booking system specifically for tour and activity operators. Your partnership with Rezdy includes a website design tool that automatically incorporates the latest trends and features into your website design.

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