Engaging with your customers on social media is essential in today’s digital age, particularly if you are a tour or activity provider. While you are likely to have a Facebook page, as well as a TripAdvisor profile, you may not realize that there is an easy way to combine them into one convenient space that is perfect for promotion and customer interaction. The TripAdvisor app for your Facebook business page allows you to display your TripAdvisor ratings and reviews directly on your Facebook page, increasing the amount of time your customers stay on your page in order to connect with you.

Why Use the TripAdvisor App on Facebook?

  • It allows your customers to leave TripAdvisor reviews from the comfort and convenience of your Facebook page. The app, which is displayed prominently on your Facebook profile, allows your Facebook fans, friends and followers to leave their own feedback without having to go to a separate TripAdvisor page. This can increase the number of reviews that you receive, because Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms available today.
  • You can customize the app in order to display certain elements from your TripAdvisor profile, while hiding other elements. One tour and activity company might choose to display awards, slideshows and recent reviews from their TripAdvisor profile. Another provider may opt to include photographs, ratings and a primary brand image. The options are endless, giving you an opportunity to make this app work best for your individual business. It makes the ideal complement to the other components of your Facebook business page.
  • It’s easy to install directly on your Facebook page. It can sometimes be intimidating to add a new app to your Facebook page, particularly if it requires you to use HTML or other codes. However, the TripAdvisor Facebook app can be installed directly to your page with just a few clicks. You don’t need to be an experienced web designer in order to add it to your Facebook business page. For more information on installing this app on your tour and activity company’s Facebook page, visit the TripAdvisor site now. The process is seamless and simple, and before you know it you will be customizing your TripAdvisor display on your Facebook page.

Online reviews are incredibly powerful, and an increasing number of travelers are relying on them in order to make decisions about what tours and activities to book on their next trip. By adding the TripAdvisor Facebook app to your Facebook business page, you are able to display all of the positive feedback you have received in a highly visible location.

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