Use staff to market your tour business

2 Nov 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

Use staff to market your tour business

Each tour operator who works for your tour and activity company brings his or her own personality and flavor to your experiences. One may be a history buff who incorporates lesser-known historical facts and tidbits into each tour, while another may moonlight as a stand-up comedian and keep the guests roaring with laughter throughout the entire experience. That’s why you should use staff to market your tour business. These principles apply to most small to medium sized business and are winners.

Create a “Meet the Team” page on your tour and activity website

As part of your search engine optimization strategy, you need to create many different landing pages and continue to add fresh content in order to stay on top of the search engine results page. A “Meet the Team” page could be the perfect addition to your website, as it helps you reach your SEO goals and also provides your target audience with valuable, useful information. On this page, you could provide a photograph and a short biography for each tour guide who works on your team. You also might want to consider creating a video that includes tour guide interviews as well as action-packed shots of the tours in progress.

Generate content based on staff recommendations

Once you have properly introduced your staff members on your website, you can then branch off and create additional staff-driven content for your blog. For example, you could ask one of your tour guides to provide recommendations for favorite local places for lunch that tourists can check out after their experience is complete. Then, you could ask another one of your tour operators to offer tips for getting the best photographs while on a tour. This is the type of valuable, shareable content that you want on your blog.

Ask your staff members to post on your social pages

One of the keys to success on social media is to post frequently and to post valuable, engaging content. As each staff member has a unique voice and personality, you can and should encourage your staff to post on occasion on your social pages. They may want to share a few photographs from their latest tour, or perhaps they want to go live while they are out with a group of tourists who are enjoying an activity. While it is a good idea to let your staff members share and post on your brand pages, you also should have social guidelines in place that they must adhere to.

To use staff to market your tour business, may seem abstract for some of us. But, data shows that travelers are beginning to expect a personalized and customized experience throughout their entire trip. As a tour and activity operator, you can help make them feel right at home by introducing your staff online. In addition, you can collect important data and continue to personalize their experience when you have the right technology in place.

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Image credit: Shifaaz Shamoon