TripAdvisor Must-Haves in 2015 for Tour & Activity Operators

17 Jul 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Chances are, before a traveler considers booking with your tour and activity company, they are going to vet you on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel websites, and it has become a trusted resource of tourists across the globe.

Filled with about 200 million reviews for all types of travel companies — from hotels and restaurants to tours and activities — every travel business that wants to remain relevant in the 21st century must have a positive presence on TripAdvisor.

The site earns nearly 315 million unique visitors each month, and the community is active and engaging with one another at all times. There are 125 new contributions posted to the site every minute of the day by TripAdvisor users.

As a tour and activity provider, these are the TripAdvisor must-haves for 2015.

‘Book Now’ Button on TripAdvisor through Viator

Previously, TripAdvisor partnered with Get Your Guide in order to allow tour and activity providers to earn direct bookings from its website.

However, in August 2014, TripAdvisor acquired Viator and subsequently, only Viator suppliers were able to get a “book now” button. This “book now” button is an essential component to your TripAdvisor profile in 2015.

Your customers will want to be able to access your real-time availability and make a booking through the TripAdvisor site. In order to get this button, you can apply to become a supplier of Viator.

Once you are a supplier, the button will be added to your page and you can begin accepting bookings through TripAdvisor. Remember that that manually recording and managing your inventory puts you at risk for overbooking your tours.

Invest in an online booking software, such as Rezdy, that automatically integrates with Viator. This makes it simple, convenient and easy for you and your customers to use the coveted “book now” button.

Complete TripAdvisor Profile

TripAdvisor users are looking for information about the top attractions in the destination they have chosen. They trust this site because the businesses that have the highest ratings had to earn those ratings from actual customers who worked with those travel companies.

In order to impress your potential customers and provide them with an accurate portrayal of your business, you will want to have a complete TripAdvisor profile. You should enter any and all relevant information about your business, and submit your own photos.

Encourage your customers to post their own candid photos to your page and to review your business, as this allows you to gain trust and credibility with future customers.

Active TripAdvisor Profile

You also need to become an active and engaging part of the TripAdvisor community. Respond to your customer reviews, and handle any negative reviews in a professional manner.

Your potential customers will be analyzing your responses and evaluating your customer service skills based on your activity on this site.

Can you accept bookings through TripAdvisor?

In order to integrate your online booking system with TripAdvisor, consider investing in the Rezdy online booking software.

Our program easily integrates with TripAdvisor through Viator, allowing you to accept instant online bookings from the site.

To begin enjoying all of the benefits that Rezdy has to offer, start your free trial today.