Target Segment: Millennials

29 May 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

It seems that people across all industries are talking about the millennials. This generation, comprised largely of young adults in their 20s and early 30s, have been revolutionizing the way that we live, work and even travel. Traveling is more than just a hobby for most millennials — it’s a lifestyle. Tour and activity operators who want to grow their brand recognition and increase their revenue should make an effort to target these motivated travelers.

These are the millennial travel trends that you need to know about.

Millennials prefer experiential travel

In the past, many travelers were motivated by quickly hitting the most iconic sights in their chosen destination for a photo opportunity. Millennials, however, are skipping the overcrowded tourist traps and are instead searching for authentic experiences that they can enjoy while abroad. This might mean taking a cooking class with a local chef or learning how to paint a landscape with a local artist. For tour and activity operators, this is a unique opportunity to broaden your products and focus on experiential tours and activities.

Millennials stay connected while traveling

Not long ago, people used to disconnect entirely from their professional and personal lives on vacation. The advent of the smartphone, however, changed all of that. Millennials always have their smartphones on hand, and they will stay connected throughout the duration of their trip. They will be posting photos to Instagram, sending Snapchats to their friends, and checking their business e-mails. You can capitalize on this by creating a brand hashtag and encouraging your millennial tourists to share their experiences online. This helps you generate brand recognition and earn more social followers.

Millennials take shorter trips more frequently

About 29% of millennials say that limited time off from work influences the destinations that they choose to travel to. Millennials are more apt to take spontaneous weekend getaways, often taking advantage of the sharing economy and last-minute deals to finalize their plans. As a tour and activity operator, you can take advantage of this trend by promoting your last-minute cancellations and openings on social media. Be sure to accept mobile bookings, so millennials who have just arrived in your destination can conveniently book your products.

Millennials prioritize sustainability while abroad

Millennials are committed to their sustainability efforts, even while they are traveling. For them, sustainability is a lifestyle choice, and they prefer to work with businesses that also are committed to minimizing their ecological footprint. You can improve your sustainability by offering water refill stations instead of plastic water bottles on your tours, or by adding electric car charging spots to your lot. You may even switch to an electric tour vehicle to really capture the hearts of eco-friendly millennials.

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The millennial travel segment is large, and it is going to continue to influence the travel industry in the decades to come. It’s important to capture the attention of those in this traveler market segment because they are known for their loyalty and their repeat business.

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