Tour Operator Sales Channels

14 Jan 2016     |    Taz Bareham

You know that your horse riding┬átours are the most informative, most inviting and most exciting ones in the area. You visit all of the best views, your guides are funny and friendly, and your customers rave about the experience once it’s complete. However, your company is not going to grow and fulfill its potential if you do not utilize the right sales channels. Tour operators should identify two specific sales channels that will allow them to increase their bookings and expand their company.

Your Company Website

Your website is one of your most powerful sales channels, as most travelers today want to book their tours and activities online. Note that your website should be optimized for mobile platforms, because an increasing number of consumers are looking to complete their transactions from smartphones and tablets.

Offer a convenient, user-friendly booking form on your website. Don’t make your customers jump through hoops and fill out a ton of fields in order to complete their reservations. With an online booking system, you get a simple and effective form that provides you with the information you need without deterring customers from completing the transaction. The right booking form will turn visitors into conversions.

Increase your direct bookings. By offering online booking, people will be more compelled to book directly through you. Direct bookings are a critical part of boosting your profits.

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Agents allow you to reach travelers or visitors that you would not otherwise have access to, so it’s essential to network with a wide variety of agents.

Connect your local agents and your international agents, and offer them live availability information about your products. Through the Channel Manager, you can sync your live availability with your distribution network. This allows agents to see exactly what you have available at any given time, and it helps prevent confusion during the booking process.

Increase your indirect bookings. While you will have to pay a commission to an agent who sells your product, you still need indirect bookings in order to maximize your potential as a business.┬áRecognize that some channels are fully incremental, meaning that these channels allow you to access customers that you would not otherwise be able to reach. Without agents, you won’t discover these fully incremental distribution channels.

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Reservation Software

In order to maximize your use of these sales channels, you should invest in an online reservation system. Rezdy is the premier online reservation system that is designed specifically for the tour and activity industry. This program includes an automated booking system as well as a Channel Manager. Ultimately, Rezdy is designed in order to increase the efficiency of your business and also boost your online bookings. Rezdy provides you with the resources you need to market your products to the right agents, and showcase your offerings to a global audience. Begin your free trial of Rezdy today in order to see what it can do for you.