Top 5 Things You Should Be Looking for in Your Tour & Activity Booking System

19 Nov 2019     |    Blake Ng

Implementing a high-quality and efficient tour booking software is necessary for tour and activity operators who want to thrive in a competitive industry. While there are many tour booking system options on the market, it’s important to know that no two activity booking software platforms are created equal.

If you want to improve your distribution, drive more bookings and boost your revenue, you’ll want to find a tour operator software that has these five features:

1. A user-friendly interface

The interface of your tour booking system needs to be easy to use, not only for you but also for your customers and agents. It should feature a simplistic design that prioritizes the most important actions, and makes it possible for people of all skill levels to use the system effectively. The interface also should be responsive, and should adapt instantly to both mobile and desktop devices.

2. Easy implementation and integration capabilities

For many tour companies, investing in new technology is intimidating. This is often due to the fact that the latest technology can be difficult to implement and can lead to months of training for all staff members. Rather than deal with this frustration, you should select a tour booking software that is easy to integrate with your existing technology and automatically syncs with your website. Rezdy can be up-and-running in a matter of moments, and your staff will easily adapt to its user-friendly interface.

3. Interactive reporting features

It’s integral that you select an activity booking software that allows you to collect and utilize data. The tourism industry is particularly data-driven, and you need to understand who your travelers are and what they want out of their tour experience. With Rezdy, you have access to interactive reporting features that make it easy to generate reports with the real-time data that you have available. It allows you to have a better understanding of your business and to make more informed decisions.

4. Innovative channel manager tools

In addition to helping you with your own administrative responsibilities, your tour booking system should also help you connect with the agents in the industry who will resell your products. Rezdy has a channel manager that allows you to connect with agents around the globe and offer them access to your live rates and availability.

5. Secure payment processing capabilities

Travelers today expect to be able to book your tours online and pay for them in advance, but they will only trust your company if you offer a tour booking system that includes secure payment processing. Rezdy offers the security you need to protect your business and your customers, and it gives your travelers the confidence they need to book with you instantly.

Rezdy is the only tour booking software that offers all of these features and more. It is the premier tour booking system for tour and activity operators, and allows you to run your business from wherever you are.

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