The Tour and Activity Industry So Far

29 Feb 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Prior to the advent of the Internet and the monumental changes that followed, people who were booking vacations often worked directly with travel agents who helped them create itineraries for their trips. Today, most travelers can easily book their own vacations online — and an increasing number of tourists are lumping tours and activities into their packages. The tour and activity industry is booming, and these are a few reasons why:

Technology Has Made Booking Tours Easier Than Ever

Online booking has made everyone and anyone into a travel agent. They can get online and research their own prices, discover their own packages and find out more about exotic destinations. Travel companies, including tour and activity providers, have noted that most customers today are looking to book their trips online and many are relying on their mobile devices in order to complete their reservations. Technology has made it easier than ever to sell tourism products, including tours and activities. Integrating an online booking system is the easiest way for you to take advantage of the many customers hoping to book their trip as quickly and easily as possible.

Tours and Activities Generate Revenue for OTAs

Online travel agencies (OTAs) have discovered that travelers today want to book one-and-done packages, and they also are looking for something unique. They want more than just a great price on flights, transportation and lodging. They want to quickly book a vacation that includes authentic experiences and local flavor. The best way to answer that demand is to partner with the tour and activity providers in any given destination. By reselling your tours and activities, they get more customers and you get more bookings. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s easy to connect with OTAs when you implement an online booking system that also offers an innovative Channel Manager that displays your live availability.

Global Markets are Demanding an Increase in Tours and Activities

The trend began in Asia, where travelers were looking to book vacation packages that included tours and activities within them. Now, even markets where tourism has always been a leading industry are looking to adapt the way that they do business. People traveling to Europe and throughout the United States also are hoping to incorporate tours and activities into their package that they book online. Across the globe, more and more people are looking to book tours and activities.

In order to stay relevant in the ever-changing tour and activity industry, you will want to connect your company with a user-friendly booking system. Rezdy is an online booking system that automates the booking process and also connects you with a Channel Manager that allows you to maximize your access to agents looking to sell your products. This gives you the chance to attract customers from across the globe, and to develop your brand into one that is recognized around the world.

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