The 4 + 3 P’s in the Marketing Mix for Tour Operators

5 Aug 2018     |    Blake Ng

Anyone who runs a business or markets a specific product knows about the marketing mix. It was created in 1960, and has been applied to nearly every product created since then. The marketing mix contains the 4 P’s: product, place, price and promotion. As a tour operator, here’s what you need to know about the basic marketing mix.

The Traditional Marketing Mix


Product is the first step of the marketing process, because you need to create a product that consumers want. As a tour and activity provider, you must offer a specific tour or activity that is in demand. It should be a high-quality tour and an authentic experience. You should strive to exceed your customers’ expectations.


You have to make your product available. Decades ago, tour and activity providers simply sold their products through their storefront and through travel agents. Today, you have to make your tours and activities available for booking on a wide variety of platforms. Most travelers want to book online in order to make their reservations, and it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly website that accepts bookings.


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You need to price your tours and activities according to demand and value. You don’t need to give away your product in order to attract customers — you simply need to offer them a valuable experience that they find worthwhile.


You should utilize a variety of advertising techniques and marketing campaigns to promote your business. Don’t forget to include social media in your promotion strategies!


The Marketing Mix for Services and Experiences:
3 Extra P’s

Tour and activity providers should note that there is an extended marketing mix, one that should be applied to their own unique services and products that are available. The service marketing mix consists of 3 more P’s, and was developed in 1981, It applies to every business that sells services, experiences.

When it comes to marketing your tour and activity business, here are a few “take-aways”  about the extended marketing mix.


Invest in the right employees for your tour and activity company. Hiring enthusiastic and entertaining guides can help draw more customers to your business, and will enhance the overall experience.


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Make sure your tours run on schedule, and always give the customers the experience they have been promised. Delivery of your final product is key to continuing to book tours. Make sure you are on top of your operations. Avoid waiting times for customers, make your customers walk for too long. In short, make sure your tours and activity run smooth.

Physical Evidence

Give your customers physical evidence of what they paid for when they booked their tours. Make sure vehicles, gear and other material aren’t broken or outdated, they will feel, see and experience your tours and activities differently.

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