Surprise and delight ideas for your business

12 Nov 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

Surprise and delight ideas for your business

As a tour and activity provider, you’re responsible for one small part of a traveler’s entire trip abroad. Customers are going to enjoy other experiences and tours while they are staying at your destination. You need to make sure that your products are the most memorable component of their vacation. That’s why we compiled these surprise and delight ideas for your business.

The goal of any surprise and delight campaign is to unexpectedly exceed the customer’s expectations. You want them to leave feeling delighted and appreciated. Here are a few low-cost surprise and delight ideas for your business to consider:

Spontaneously award social followers with a free experience

As a way of thanking your customers for sharing their experiences online, create a campaign to reward your most socially engaged guests with a free experience. If a past customer shares a particularly stunning image of your tour, you could comment on the post and thank them for the beautiful photo. Then, announce that they can redeem a free tour any time within the next year. Be sure to develop a hashtag for this initiative so that your followers can easily track the people who receive these rewards. It will encourage your followers to post about your brand and will improve their impression of your brand as well.

Offer a free snack or beverage on the tour

Announce that you are giving todays group an extra special treat once they’ve all checked in. Then, begin delivering a luxury snack or beverage option. Depending on the age of your guests and the type of experience you provide, you might consider offering champagne, chocolate truffles, organic juice or crackers paired with local cheese. This is a simple way to impress your guests and to encourage them to share information about your brand after their experience is complete.

Add an extra stop on a popular tour at least once per week

It won’t cost you much time or money to randomly expand the products that you offer at least once per week. On a day-long city tour, add an extra stop at a hidden gem in your community that most people don’t know about. Let your tourists know that this is a surprise stop that not everybody gets to enjoy. Explain to them why it is a special location within your community. Your guests will leave feeling as if they got more than they paid for. They will be happy to share their impressions with their friends and family members.

Surprise and delight initiatives help you develop a better relationship with your customers. They also help you maintain a positive image online. In a successful surprise and delight campaign, the recipients of your goodwill are highly likely to share their experiences online. This helps you improve your reach and boost your image to the masses.

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Image credit: Andre Guerra