10 staff incentive ideas to grow your customer satisfaction

4 Jan 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

10 staff incentive ideas to grow your customer satisfaction

The tour and activity industry is always buzzing with ways to reward customers for their loyalty and patronage. While it is important to recognize your customers and to provide them with a loyalty program that will keep them coming back for me, you can’t forget about the people who make the magic happen at your company each and every day. These 10 staff incentive ideas to grow your customer satisfaction will make your employees feel good — and will improve your customer ratings, increase buzz about your brand and encourage repeat business:

#1. Write monthly thank you notes to your employees. A handwritten thank you note is a low cost way of showing your employees that you notice the work that they do, and that you make an effort to recognize that work.

#2. Offer a rolling vacation day as a reward. One way you could implement this is by gifting your employees a vacation day to use as they please as a present for their birthday each year.

#3. Provide an outstanding employee with a set of local gift cards or coupons. Several times per year, recognize an employee that is going above the call of duty by giving them the gift of local experience.

#4. Host an employee award program each year. Every employee on your staff should receive some kind of award, as this will make them feel respected, appreciated and noticed. Make sure that the program is fun, and includes plenty of food and drinks.

#5. Recognize the work that your employees do outside of the office. Many of your employees are doing magnificent things with the personal time, such as fostering animals or working toward a degree. Designate a space in the office to recognize them for their personal accomplishments.

#6. Swap responsibilities with your staff members on a regular basis. This proves that you are willing to do what they do in order to keep the business growing.

#7. Create a community service program. Take a day off and go out into your local area to give back as a team.

#8. Offer flexible scheduling that accommodates family time. Today’s most qualified employees are looking for a flexible work environment.

#9. Pay your employees double-time for the day. When you surprise your employees with this, they will feel motivated to continue doing an excellent job each and every day.

#10. Give out small, personal gifts. Get to know your employees, and show that you pay attention by giving out personalized gifts during the holiday season.

Showing your employees that you value and appreciate them in concrete ways will encourage them to stay with your brand for a significant period of time. Tour and activity companies with low turnover often see a direct impact on their customer satisfaction ratings and repeat business among target market segments.

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