Save Time By Teaching Your Agents How to Connect to You

16 Oct 2016     |    Blake Ng

Since you launched your tour and activity company, you have been working with agents who sell your tours and help you increase your total bookings. In recent years, you have implemented an online booking system that not only allows you to accept direct reservations, but it also gives your agents the opportunity to utilize your booking software to complete their sales. However, your agents are still contacting you via the phone in order to book their clients for your tours.

This is wasting your time, and it’s also a waste of the resources you have available to you. Here’s how to change this issue:

Showcase Your Real-Time Availability Features

Agents may not realize that they can actually get the most updated information about your tours and activities from your online booking system. It’s important that you inform them about the real-time availability features that are available on your system.

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You can explain that you work with a vast network of agents who sell your tours and activities from across the globe, and the channel manager ensures that all agents see exact, live availability at any given moment. This reduces the risk of overbooking significantly, and allows you to provide your travelers with better customer service. Once your agents understand that it is beneficial for them to begin booking your tours and activities through your online booking system, they will feel more compelled to use it when selling your products to their own customers. It’s possible that they didn’t even realize the potential of your system, which is why they continued to pick up the phone to book their clients on your tours.

Spend Time On-boarding Your Agents with Your Booking Software

In order to truly get your agents acquainted with your system, you can invest your time and resources into an on-boarding session. Through this, you can connect your agents with your booking software that includes a channel manager. You can provide them with the training they need in order to fully utilize the system. By taking the time you and your agents need to fully on-board with the booking system, you will both be able to maximize this important networking resource and instantly connect with one another. It’s critical that your agents understand the system as well as you do. Remind your agents that they can use your system in order to sell tours and activities online, but they can also use it if they are agents who work at a desk (such as concierges or visitor information centre representatives.)¬†Your versatile booking software is designed to work with agents in the way that they need in order to help you increase your bookings.

As you continue to grow and improve your distribution network, you have to promote your online booking capabilities and your innovative channel management system in order to attract additional agents for your business. Are you a supplier who is only beginning to think about creating a distribution strategy and developing a network of agents? Then download our distribution e-book in order to get started.

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