Rezdy integrates with “best new app” and “editors’ pick” in European Apple App Stores: Musement

19 May 2016     |    Taz Bareham

In its sector of travel activities, voted by Itunes to be one of the best apps in the start of 2016. Musement is on of the most downloaded apps during the winter holidays in six markets, including Italy, France, and Germany, according to a third-party estimating service.

At the moment Musement offers its services in 300 different cities, in 7 languages and with approximately 400,000 visits/month.

Musement's app
Musement‘s app offers users a personalized list of 3-5 activities in a user’s chosen destination. The version for Italy offers a live messaging service with hotel concierges for personalized requests. That will be rolled out to the rest of Europe over the next six months.


Tour operators on the Rezdy platform are now able to list their products on the app.

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