Rezdy: A digital brochure rack for your hotel lobby

3 Nov 2015     |    Taz Bareham

The brochure rack has become an iconic symbol of the hotel lobby. Every traveler knows that they can easily find one when they are checking into their hotel, and for years, many people have used these racks to pick up flyers about various tours and activities in the area. But just because that rack has always been there, doesn’t mean you have to leave it there for eternity. The bottom line is, paper brochures don’t have the same marketing potential that they had decades ago. While you might earn a little bit more profit by charging tour providers to place their promotional products in the rack, you aren’t going to resell as many tours and activities as you would like.

Enter the digital brochure rack from Rezdy. With a specific Customer View, you can eliminate the messy, disorganized brochure rack from the hotel lobby, and streamline the process of booking tours for your guests. Here’s how it works:

Start by placing a tablet or a mobile device at the front desk of your lobby, so that travelers and tourists in the region can easily browse the available selections. This digital approach is more organized, and is more efficient for your guests. Not to mention, you can get rid of the large rack that has been taking up space in your lobby for years.

On the Customer View portal, your guests can search for available tours in the region. Whether they want to go ziplining over the jungle, or out on a sunset cruise in the harbor, they can instantly find tours that have openings for that day. They will only see tours that they can actually book at that moment, so there will be no disappointment or frustration as they map out their vacation.

Customers can select the tours and activities that they want to book, and you can complete their reservation for them. The price that they see on the Customer View includes your commission, so you can earn a profit on every reservation that you make for your guests.

It’s never been easier to resell tours and activities as a hotel operator, so there’s no reason not to get started. In addition, you can choose the tours and activities that your guests can see. Perhaps you have a preferred partnership with several tour operators in the region. You can display their upcoming tours more prominently, in order to encourage your guests to book with that particular vendor.

Say goodbye to your messy lobby with random brochures scattered about the floor. Now, your guests can enjoy booking tours and activities with ease and simplicity. The digital brochure display that Rezdy offers is one-of-a-kind, and it was designed with agents in mind. For more information on the Rezdy online booking system and how it can help you earn additional profit as a hotel operator, get in touch with us or signup for free.