Quick tips to update website for tours, activities or attractions

30 Oct 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

Quick tips for updating your tour, activity or attraction website

The website that you create for your tour and activity company will become more than just a resource for those who are interested in booking your tours — it will become the public face and global identity of your brand. Your tour operator website should always be considered a work in progress. You and your marketing team should regularly evaluate your website and determine which updates and upgrades will best suit your goals.

Quick tips to update website for tours, activity or attractions will help you optimize your website and improve your visibility online and increase bookings:

Use clear headers

A modern website needs to be both scrollable and scannable, which means that headers are essential to your website design. If you are currently using long headers that are bogged down with keywords, it’s time to switch up your design and change those headers. Instead, opt for clear, succinct headers that describe the content that will follow it. 

Add videos and high-resolution images

Your target audience is going to be coming to your website to learn more about the tours and activities that you provide. While tour descriptions provide insight into what they will experience, most users are looking for visual evidence of your products. You need to add updated high-resolution images on a regular basis and create engaging videos that allow users to experience your tours before they ever arrive in your destination.

Integrate reviews into your website design

Most travelers are going to check out online review sites and do research on your brand before they finalize their bookings. Rather than forcing them to leave your website to check TripAdvisor or Facebook, you should integrate your online reviews into your website design. This gives your travelers the social proof they need, and you don’t run the risk of them bouncing from the page and never returning.

Make your website mobile-friendly

A staggering number of travelers rely on their mobile devices to learn more about travel-related services and to book their excursions. This number grows by the year, so it’s imperative that you implement a responsive website design. This flexible design style will adapt to the screen of the individual user in order to improve their experience. 

Include a clear ‘Book Now’ button

In reality, most site visitors are not going to spend a lot of time exploring your page. You only have a few moments to capture their attention, which is why a vivid ‘Book Now’ button needs to be placed in a prominent location on each landing page. The quick tips to update your website for tours, activities or attractions should get you going

One of the factors that will determine the ultimate success of your website is the technology that you have implemented at your tour and activity company. You need an online booking system that will sync perfectly with your website and allow you to accept direct, online bookings with minimal frustration or disruption. Rezdy is the only booking solution that was created exclusively for tour and activity companies, and our system even offers web design services that help you create a cohesive online marketing strategy. For more information on Rezdy and how it can improve your visibility online, begin your free demo today.