Providing Surf Lessons? 3 Tricks that Keep You in the Water

3 Dec 2015     |    Blake Ng

There’s nothing quite like the thrill you get when you catch an amazing wave, and you ride it along the beach. Surfing is not just the sport that you love — it’s the fuel that drives your soul. This is why you opened a surf shop where you can provide surf lessons to tourists who are visiting the area.

You want to spend your time on the water, teaching people about the activity that you love the most, and helping them discover their own passion for it.

As a tour and activity operator, you don’t want to get stuck in an office doing administrative work. Here’s three tips that can help you stay on your surfboard and out of your desk chair.

Develop a Distribution Strategy

By developing a distribution strategy and implementing an online booking system that features your real-time availability, you won’t have to worry about taking phone calls, responding to e-mails and maintaining your reservations yourself.

Your agents and distributors will promote your surf lessons for you, and you can focus on giving the amazing instructions that you are known for.

The key to developing a solid team of distributors is networking. Partner with online travel agencies in order to reach a global audience, and make sure that you connect with the visitor information center in your area as well as local hotels. When these agents can use an easy online booking system that instantly calculates their commission, they will be more interested in directing their customers to your lessons.

Integrate an Easy-to-Use Passenger Manifest

Your manifest is your daily log of the passengers or tourists who will be taking lessons with you. Without a manifest, you would be left confused and disorganized, and it would have a negative impact on your business. When you implement an online booking system, a daily manifest will be generated for you. You can view this manifest on your phone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about going into the office in order to check it each day.

Download the Best Apps for Tour and Activity Providers

Some of the best apps for tour and activity providers include Buffer, Slack and Trello. These apps are designed to keep you organized and help improve communication with your staff members. In addition, Rezdy offers a mobile app that is compatible with smart phones and tablets. It allows you to access your bookings and real-time availability from wherever you are, preventing you from wasting hours of your time in the office.

going mobile for tour operators ebook

Technology allows you to work remotely, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. By going mobile and integrating with an online booking system, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your time in the sun and the waves, and you will feel more connected to your customers. At the same time, you know you won’t be neglecting your business. You’ll still be increasing your online bookings, making profits and growing your business into the future.

Your tips..

As technology company we sometimes can get stuck in just technological solutions. Do you have tips or tricks that allow you to stay out of the office? Feel free to share a few in the comment section!