Product Updates in November 2015 [Feature Round-Up]

5 Nov 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their feedback and ideas, another update is just around the corner, stay tuned for more!

1. Dashboard Upgrade

2. Automated Weekly Reports

3. Rezdy Booking Form Changes

Dashboard Upgrade

The new Dashboard is better optimised for mobile devices and now offers a wealth of information, ranging from business performance for the last 7 days, Yesterday’s Today’s and Tomorrow’s bookings, and Actions Required for both recent and upcoming Orders.

1. Performance gives a quick overview of the previous 7 days and also allows you to click directly through to the Sales – Orders report for more information.

2. Bookings allows you to view recent and upcoming Orders, from here you can also:

  • Go directly to the Manifest by clicking View Manifest
  • Go directly to the Session details by clicking on the start times of each Order
  • create a New Order for any Sessions with availability

3. Actions Required now displays more Orders both recent and upcoming that require actions. Click SHOW MORE to load more within the scrollable window.

4. Recent Actions shows the last 10 actions allowing you to:

  • click into Orders created by other Users
  • click into Sessions created by other Users
  • send messages to other Users

Automated Weekly Reports

Automated weekly performance reports can now be emailed out to all or certain Users within your Rezdy account, these reports contain a weekly overview of:

  • Total Sales
  • Direct vs Distributed Orders
  • Marketplace Profile activity including amount of Bookmarks and Products liked.

By default, only Owners will receive these reports. This option can also be enabled per User, click here to learn more.

Rezdy Booking Form Changes

A major upgrade to the online Customer Experience is under way with the initial steps completed, the end result will be the removal of having to “confirm twice” during the booking process essentially making it a 2 step process to book. Another release is due next week, below is a rough idea of the finished result!