Product Updates in March 2016 [Feature Round-Up]

24 Mar 2016     |    Taz Bareham
We’re pleased to announce more updates to the Rezdy Booking Form!

Based off in-depth studies, data analytics, and your continuous feedback and ideas, we have made further improvements to the booking process to increase conversions. That means your online booking form is now easier to use for your Customers, with a more logical flow, therefore getting you more bookings.

Customers will now select their Quantities first, which will then dynamically update the Calendar with both Available and Unavailabledates as well as total price for the selected date/time. 


If you notice any errors or issues with your booking form, please create a Support Ticket or send an email to and we will fix the issues as soon as possible

1. Select Quantities

2. Both Available and Unavailable dates are then displayed

3. Select available start times, if you have enabled to show your availability details to Customers, it will show here.

4. Customer can then Book Now


Additionally if you have enabled the Waiting List feature, and the Customer has selected a Quantity for a date with not enough availability, they can clearly see the available spots and either join the waiting list or select another date