Product Updates in June 2016 [Feature Round-Up]

24 Jun 2016     |    Blake Ng

A big thanks to everyone who continues to contribute their ideas and suggestions, we’re happy to announce the following new features in Rezdy.


Pickups lets you easily set your pickup locations and allow your customers choose their pickup location at the time of booking. You also have the option to allow customers to provide their own pickup locations.

Allow customers to select a pickup location on the booking form


When a customer selects a pickup location, the details will be shown in the order details and it will also appear in the manifest.

Pickups are shown in the internal order form

When a customer selects a pickup location, it will be sown in the Manifest

We have two guides to help you get set up with Pickups:

Ticket / Receipt Printing

You can now print tickets / receipts from the internal order form directly to a thermal printer. If you are setup with QR codes they will printed prominently on the receipt, ideal for scanning. While printing works best with thermal printers, the ticket / receipt can be printed on any printer (note that there may be a lot of whitespace when printing on larger sizes e.g. A4).

Print tickets to give to your customers

To print a ticket / receipt, head to the internal order form for the order you would like to print and under the Print button on click “Ticket / Receipt”.

SmartWaiver Integration


We have integrated with SmartWaiver which can automate all of your document generation from Rezdy.

You can select which SmartWaiver form you want to use for each product. When a booking is completed, confirmation e-mails will contain links for each participant to sign the waiver. After a participant signs the waiver, Rezdy will update the status and participant details and display it on your manifest.

For more information, check out our guide on How to Integrate with SmartWaiver.

Beanstream and Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) Integration

Rezdy is always adding new payment gateways to allow more customers in more countries to accept online bookings. Rezdy users can now accept online payments with Beanstream in the United States and Canada, and Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) in Cambodia.

For more information on our Beanstream integration, check out our setup guide.

For more information on our Cathay United Bank (Cambodia) integration, check out our setup guide.

Agent Notes

When creating an internal order, we have added the ability to add notes in the Agent section. Agent Notes can only be seen by the agent and the supplier.

Agent Notes

Please continue to help us improve upon our awesome system by dropping in your suggestions and ideas to our Feature Request forums.