Product Updates in July 2016 [Feature Round-Up]

29 Jul 2016     |    Blake Ng

A big thanks to everyone who continues to contribute their ideas and suggestions, we’re happy to announce the following new features in Rezdy.

Private Agents

Rezdy now allows you to create your own private internal agents, from the My Agents page in Rezdy you can now:

  1. Filter and search for Agents
  2. Get an overview of all vital Agent information in one place
  3. Create a New Order for an Agent
  4. Easily create or invite a New Agent

Private Agents

Features and improvements also include the ability to:

  • Nominate an email address to receive the Agent Notification Email (manually sent within an Order)
  • Add/delete as many Users to Private & Marketplace Agent accounts as required, all of which can be selected during the creation of Internal Orders
  • Set your own locations
  • Internal Notes
  • Option to send an Invite to the Agent with their own login details

Future improvements and features to come will include:

  • the ability to create Agent invoices to manually send to Agents on a manual payment method
  • further improvements to Agent commissions and reports
  • increase flexibility with agent pricing and commissions when creating an internal order

For more information please refer to our how to guide.

Voucher and Promo Code Improvements

We have made several improvements to vouchers and promo codes which give you more control over what is included / excluded in the discounts as well as help you more accurately report taces depending on your local legislation. In addition to the improvements, promo codes can also now be used on rental products.

You can now decide whether vouchers, promo cards and gift cards include taxes & fees or not.

With promo codes, you can setup how many times a discount will be applied per booking:

  • Order : Discount is applied once for the order
  • Product : Discount is applied once for each eligible product (when booking multiple products in the same order)
  • Quantity : Discount is applied once for each eligible quantity.

Finally, you can decide whether the promo code discount can be applied on extras.

For more information, see our guide explaining the changes.

OnePay Integration

Rezdy is always adding new payment gateways to allow more customers in more countries to accept online bookings. Rezdy customers can now accept online payments with OnePay a payment gateway in Vietnam.

For more information on our OnePay integration, check out our setup guide.

New Order Button

We’ve made it even easier to create a new internal order with a New Order button accessible from all pages in the top navigation bar

New Order Button

The button will take you right to the Internal Order Form.

More Social Media Links

We’ve added social media links for Yelp, Instagram and Pinterest which join our existing social media links.

Yelp, Instagram and Pinterest links

This is a great way to keep your customers engaged and informed about upcoming tours you’re offering.

Please continue to help us improve upon our awesome system by dropping in your suggestions and ideas to our Feature Request forums.