Operating Over Your Capacity This Holiday Season? Here’s How You Handle Large Crowds.

19 Dec 2019     |    Blake Ng

Across the world, many adults and the vast majority of school children are off between the Christmas and New Year holidays. This gap in the ordinary schedule coupled with the desire to do something special to celebrate makes the holiday season one of the most popular times of the year to travel.

Due to this influx in travel, you may be over-capacity at your tour and activity company this holiday season. Here’s how you can manage the large crowds:

Allocate your resources accordingly

manage large crowds

Resource management needs to be your top priority when you are operating over-capacity. The last thing you want to do is to book an entire tour and find out afterward that you don’t have a tour bus to accommodate the number of travelers who are heading to your destination. Luckily, with the right online booking system in place, your resources are allocated automatically. This means that you will never be left with a group of frustrated tourists who have run out of patience. Everyone will have the space and the equipment they need to fully enjoy the experience that you offer.

Bring in extra tour operators

With large crowds in your destination, you need to have all hands on-deck. Hire temporary employees to help you get through the holiday season, but make sure that those new employees are properly trained. You still need to provide the amazing tours and activities that you offer throughout the entire year.

Stay organized and communicate frequently

manage large crowds

During an extremely busy season, you need to make sure that you have access to all of the relevant information about your business in one place. This is why it’s critical that you invest in an online booking solution that instantly syncs all of your bookings to your property management system and automatically updates your daily manifest. With cloud-based travel booking software, you can stay in touch with your travelers via e-mail and text message. By communicating frequently, you can prepare your tourists and manage their expectations.

Adjust your timelines

manage large crowds

If you are running more tours in a given day or adding extra tour buses to your schedule, you may need to adjust your timelines. It may be a good idea to shorten the length of your tour slightly so that you can keep everything running smoothly.

The increase in travelers to your destination may tempt you to book more tours than you can handle during the holiday season. It’s best to avoid this temptation and be realistic about what you and your tour operators can do in a given day. You’ll get better feedback if you provide excellent service to the people who book your tours than to over-sell your products and deal with the fallout when you can’t live up to their expectations. 

Effectively managing your tour company at all times of the year requires you to implement an innovative online booking solution.

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