Offseason tips for your kiosk or office

12 Nov 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

When the peak travel season arrives, you likely find that your tour and activity kiosk is buzzing with constant activity. Your tour operators are in and out of the kiosk, checking their manifests and greeting travelers. You are busy managing the administrative tasks, answering the phones and promoting your brand on social media. It’s the lifeline of your business during this busy time of year. In the offseason it can seem like a ghost town. Don’t let your office space go to waste or impact your revenue stream. Here are some offseason tips for your office or kiosk:

Rent your kiosk to another business

If your tour or activity company is completely closed during the offseason, you likely won’t get a break on your rent for your kiosk or office space. This means that you are paying for physical space that you aren’t using. This is going to significantly dip into your revenue. Rather than accepting this as a fact of life, try to rent your kiosk to another business that is operating during this time of year. There may be another tour and activity company that operates during your offseason. You may be able to work out an agreement for sharing the space throughout the year.

Share it with a local start-up

Only need your space for a few hours per day, or for certain weeks out of the year? Consider paying homage to the sharing economy by offering your space to a local start-up that needs a hand. Your kiosk could serve as a business incubator for up-and-coming establishments that are trying to get started in your community. As a trade, you could work with those businesses. See if they could provide you with a service that will complement your business. They could run an influencer campaign. Or help you provide upgrades for your tours, depending on what their own specialty may be.

Offer it to students or schools in the area

Local businesses understand the importance of giving back to the community. Without the residents in your destination, your region likely would not be a tourism hub to begin with. Consider offering your office space to students or educational organizations that may need a satellite hub for their studies. You could share your space or even rent it to them at a discount to offset your own costs. This effort would help you establish a better relationship with the community. It could lead to future business opportunities that will help you grow your brand. Things like school excursions could be a new revenue winner for you in offseason. You may even find some enthusiastic new recruits for the busy peak periods.

By taking a creative look at your office space throughout the year, you may be able to bring in new revenue. You can establish better local connections within your community. Don’t let your kiosk sit idle, costing you money and impacting your overall brand image. There are so many possibilities that will yield better results for your business.

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Image credit: Viktor Theo