Increasing Offline Tour Bookings In An Internet-Driven Age

3 Jul 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Tour and activity providers need to focus on growing their online bookings, but that doesn’t mean that offline bookings are obsolete.

In fact, the opposite is true. In 2014, of the $12 million in revenue that was generated on Rezdy, nearly $7.5 million of it was produced by offline bookings. Given the nature of the tour and activity business, many tour providers rely heavily on offline bookings in order to sustain and grow their business.

In many cases, travelers do not plan their tours, excursions and activities ahead of time. They are more apt to be walking through the city centre and discover options that are available while they are actually on vacation.

So how can you keep increasing offline bookings in such an internet-driven age?

1. Relationships with local businesss

Establish relationships with local visitor centres and travel organizations in your region.

Many travelers will visit these organizations in order to find out more information about the tours and activities that are available in your region. Meet with local travel leaders in order to provide them with more information about your tours and activities.

Offer to allow them to experience your tours for themselves. Then, explain how easy it is for them to book travelers online via your booking system and subsequently earn a commission. (If your booking software doesn’t allow for this, then it definitely should! See how it works.)

This will motivate them to sell your products, and send more customers to your location.

2. Your brick and mortar location

Ensure that your location is accessible, and that travelers can easily discover your tour company by car, bike or foot.

Perhaps you are a tour company that gives kayak excursions off the coast. While your physical business may be located outside of the center of the city, you can set up a booth within town that advertises your products and books your customers.

You need to be visible in order for travelers to know that your company exists. When a traveler decides that they want to enjoy your tour, they will love the fact that they can quickly book with any of your staff members at any time.

3. Turn online traffic into offline traffic

Increase your presence on social media. Travelers today are quite connected, and it is very likely that they will be using their mobile technology while they are traveling.

If you are ranking highly on TripAdvisor and Yelp, then more travelers who are already in your region will be able to find you.

They can quickly learn about the products and tours that you have available, and they can figure out how to contact you in order to book an experience for themselves – often phoning or walking in.

Drive bookings on all fronts

If you have  online booking software, you can allow your customers to book instantly with you while they are on your social accounts.

While offline bookings play an important role in your business development, you won’t want to ignore online bookings.

Travelers continue to use the Internet in order to research their chosen destination and make reservations prior to their vacation.

In fact, mobile booking is rising in popularity, as more travelers prefer the convenience and ease of this technology.

In order to improve your online presence and boost both online and offline bookings, begin your free trial with Rezdy today.