Navigating Your Rezdy Settings

17 Aug 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Your Rezdy account settings build a good foundation for your business. But if you’re just starting out, you may be unsure of where to go to get things done.

Here are some quick tips on how you can navigate your Rezdy settings.

Changing your plan

In Rezdy, we give you complete power over your plan. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan directly from the dashboard.

Simply click Settings > Subscription Plan on the menu.


As you can see, updating your Billing Information can be done from the same place. To upgrade or downgrade your plan, head to “Plans” instead of “Billing”.



You can also choose to Hibernate your plan (essentially putting your plan on pause until you will need Rezdy again).

Changing your regional settings

On the same menu, you will notice Regional Settings.


This is where you can update your language, timezone, and currency settings.

Updating your Taxes & Fees

On the same menu, you will see “Taxes and fees”.

Rezdy gives you the flexibility to apply multiple level of sales taxes, fixed levies and fees and compound taxes.


Prices Inclusive: Tick this box if your product prices already include this tax. If ticked, taxes will not be applied on top of product prices, but the tax amount will be visible in order details and invoices.

Compound: Should this tax compound on other taxes. A compound tax applies on top of other taxes that precedes it. You can select the order in which tax and fees apply when setting up each product. In any case, taxes apply on top of all fees that precedes it.

After you create taxes and fees, you should go to each of your product tax settings to select the taxes and fees that apply. You can also select in which order they apply for each product.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Setting your Terms & Conditions

On the same menu, you will see “Terms and Conditions”.

setting terms and conditions


These are your standard terms and conditions, and they appear in your order confirmation emails. You can go a level deeper and set additional text on each of your products.

Setting your booking deposit policy

You can find this in the same Settings menu under “Booking deposit policy”.

Obviously this is one of the most important settings you can have for your business!

It is the amount you require to be paid at the time the customer places an order.

Your choices are:

  • Full amount
  • Deposit (% of order total amount)
  • Deposit (Fixed amount per person/quantity)
  • Deposit (Fixed amount per order)
  • No charge

You can also set product specific deposit policies if you need to, from the Details tab within a Product.

product specific deposit policies

Managing your users

In your menu, you will see “Users”.

Users are people who belong to your company on Rezdy (i.e. your staff). They have their own Rezdy login and configurable access to your company inventory, calendar and manifest, orders and customers, etc.

Managing your users

The different roles are:

  • Owner: has full access, including all company settings
  • Booking manager: can manage orders, inventory, create & update sessions in the calendar
  • Booking assistant: can create new orders and contacts
  • Staff: can view the calendar, manifest and order list
  • Webmaster: has access to Website Integration settings and plugins
  • Accountant: has access to reports and the order list

Click here to learn more about Rezdy user roles.

Rezdy integrations

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