More Last Minute Bookings via the Right Agents

18 Jan 2016     |    Blake Ng

It’s a scenario that plays out in hotels across the globe every evening. The tired yet exuberant tourist walks in after a long day of exploring the local area, and they are ready to do it again the next day. They approach the concierge desk, and ask about what else there is to do in the region. The concierge can give them a laundry list of information about various tours and activities, and even point them to the brochure stand in the corner. However, they rarely know what tours are available for the next day, because most tour operators are not in their office at this time of the day.

As a tour and activity provider, you can change all of this. By implementing an innovative online booking system that also features a Channel Manager, you can connect with these hotel concierge staff members at any time of day.

How Can You Boost Your Last Minute Bookings with Agents?

  • Allow your agents to connect with your company via the marketplace, where they will always have access to your live availability. Instead of point to a brochure and providing the customer with information and a phone number they can call in the morning, they can log into the system and see what you have available for their desired time slot.
  • Get immediate last minute bookings. The weary traveler wants to make sure that their plans are set for the next day before they head to bed, so they will be motivated to complete the reservation at that moment. When the concierge can pull up information about your available tours immediately, the customer can move forward with the simple online booking process. You get the last-minute booking, the traveler gets to enjoy an exciting tour the next day, and the concierge earns a quick and easy commission.

In no time, you will become the concierge’s go-to tour and activity provider for last minute bookings. They will love the fact that they can instantly log on in order to see what you have available, and easily make the reservation for the traveler. By making their job simpler, and boosting their own income, you will become a preferred vendor in their eyes. Now, they will have one easy answer when a customer comes up and asks that famous question,

What do you recommend doing in the area tomorrow?

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