Marketing 101: Why All Tour Operators Should Blog

10 Dec 2017     |    Blake Ng

As a tour and activity operator, you know that you specialize in showcasing your destination to travelers who are interested in learning more about the area or experiencing something new. You give great tours and offer awesome insight that can’t be found anywhere else. But, you need to do more than that. You also need to become a blogger.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of regularly publishing content about your tour and activity brand onto your blog. You should update your blog with unique, valuable and accurate content on a regular basis in order to maximize your exposure and increase your site traffic.

Here’s the reasons why you need to blog:

  • It increases your visibility online. When you have a blog and your website, you increase your opportunities to be in the top rankings on the search engine results page. The most popular search engines promote pages that are regularly updated with fresh, accurate content, so a blog allows you to reach those motivated travelers who are searching for activities in your destination. In addition, blogs can be used as social content that is easily shared on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • It allows your potential travelers to interact with you. Your blog should always have its commenting features turned on, as this allows those who visit your site and read your posts to add their own input. This is a great way to connect with visitors who are interested in coming to your destination and to engage with your site visitors. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it is in your best interest to respond. Not only does this satisfy the commenter, but it also showcases your commitment to personalized customer service to other visitors who may see the interactions between you and your potential visitors.
  • It offers you a chance to improve your online reputation. Through your blog, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the tour and activity industry. Create posts that showcase your credibility, such as how-to posts and reactions to industry news. Not only does this help you connect with those who are interested in traveling to your area, but it also can help you develop distribution partnerships with agents who want to resell your tours and activities.
  • It lets you tell your side of the story. Your tour and activity website is going to be filled with the basic information that people need — such as your tour descriptions, the photos and videos of your experiences and the simple online booking form. Your blog, on the other hand, can be a creative outlet in which you tell the story behind your company. Publish short biographies of your staff members, or post about the history of your company. Use your blog to connect with travelers on a personal level.

Blogging is an important component in your online branding strategy. To learn more about marketing your tour and activity products online, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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