Kicking Off Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours With Booking Software

12 Jun 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours is a tour and activity company that offers bicycle tours around the Cook Islands.

During these tours, visitors can explore the tiny villages and hidden gems that are found along the way, as well as hearing rich and engaging story about the history of the region.

When Founder and Managing Director Dave Furnell launched this business, he quickly realized that the best way to start is to invest in the right online booking system.

Here’s how he discovered this secret to starting your business on the right foot:

1. Know what you’re looking for

Dave knew that he wanted to start his business off the right way, and he didn’t want to fall behind when it came to managing bookings.

Since he would be spending the majority of his time giving tours around the Cook Islands on a bicycle, he knew that manual bookings was not an option for him.

“I understood that I needed a solution that would provide me with a way to manage my bookings efficiently. Being a new business, I wanted to get it right from the start so I didn’t have to change in a year starting again with additional investment in time and money.”

2. Weigh your options

Initially, Dave thought that the best choice would be to hire a private developer to create a custom-build system for him.

He quickly realized though that a custom-built system would be a significant investment — and probably out of his price range.

In addition, he learned that these systems could be cumbersome and difficult for the end user to understand.

“I spent 6 months thinking about it and looking at different options to make sure that when I did move forward, I’d make the right decision.”

It was during his research on online booking systems that he stumbled upon Rezdy.

3. Choose a solution

He loved all of the features that Rezdy had to offer, including real-time booking and automatic availability updates.

In order to get a custom platform that offered all of the same features that Rezdy did, Dave knew that he would have to pay a fortune.

“On my budget, I couldn’t build a solution with what Rezdy has. I’ve been involved with building web-based ecommerce solutions, and it would cost half a million dollars to go that far, do it properly and get it right. Rezdy gives me something which I could just plug in at a monthly fee.”

In addition to being right for his budget, Rezdy is easy to use. His resellers love it, and he finds the customer service to be superior to any other system available.

If you are considering launching a new tour and activity company, then be sure to kick-start your new business with the right online booking system.

Rezdy will help your business grow into the future in the same way that it helped Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours. In order to try out Rezdy, begin your free trial today.