How to Write a Brochure for Tours and Activities?

21 Jan 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Your marketing strategy needs to include a variety of components in order to capture the broadest audience and increase your overall direct bookings. In addition to focusing on optimizing your website for mobile user and promoting your products to your distribution network, you also will want to consider some more traditional forms of tourism marketing.┬áThe brochure is a classic marketing technique that has been used by tour and activity operators for decades, and that’s largely because it’s an effective promotional material. Thinking of creating a new brochure for your business? Use this guide when writing it.

Base Your Brochure Around a Specific Offer

Many tour and activity provides make the mistake of a creating an informative promotional product. While it’s pivotal that you provide your customers with good, solid information about the tours and activities that you offer, your brochure should also include a compelling offer that they won’t find elsewhere. For instance, you may be offering 15% off your twilight tours. Make this an exclusive offer for customers who have your brochure in hand. On the brochure, you can include information not only about the twilight tour but also about the different options that you have available. When your brochure is based on an exciting promotion, you will motivate people to book quickly.

Make it Easy to Redeem the Offer

If people have to bring the brochure to your storefront in order to get their discount, they will feel like there’s too much work involved just to save a little bit of money. Instead, advertise your online booking system on your brochure, and include a unique promo code that they can enter in order to receive the discount on their reservation. They will take your brochure, log on with their preferred device, and make the reservation in a matter of moments. You’ve made it easy for them to save money, and you’ve made it easy for yourself to earn a few new customers.

Establish a Goal for Your Brochure

Decide if you want to earn 50 new bookings from your brochure, or if you would like to see a boost in conversions on your website. By establishing a goal for one particular brochure, you can measure your success and mold your marketing strategy for the future. If you meet or exceed your expectations with one brochure campaign, then you will know how to craft your next one in order for it to be a success. If you fall short, then you can make the necessary changes in order to improve in the future.

Your marketing strategy should be a fluid entity, one that you are constantly re-evaluating and redesigning. As such, you should partner with an online booking system that not only improves your efficiency as a business but also works with you as a resource to help you grow. To find out more information about creating the most innovative and effective marketing campaign, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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