How to Promote Your Packages as a Tour Operator

19 Feb 2020     |    Blake Ng

Creating packages at your tour and activity company can help you attract new market segments as well as allow you to boost the amount of revenue you generate per booking. Tourists often see packages as a valuable way to enjoy your experience, and they are almost always willing to book a package that includes extras that they would not otherwise receive.

However, prospective travelers can’t book your packages unless they know they exist. Here’s how to promote your packages as a tour operator:

Design unique packages that appeal to specific demographics

how to promote your packages

When you create the right packages at your tour and activity company, you will find that it’s easy to promote them. Unique packages that include valuable offerings generally sell themselves. Some ideas that you may want to consider include:

  • Singles Package — This is a package designed with solo travelers in mind. Solo travel is becoming more popular, but independent tourists still face challenges finding packages created specifically for them. Your singles package might include an additional experience, such as a stop at a local brewery or winery where they can mix and mingle with the locals.
  • Romance Package — This package would be catered more to couples who want to enjoy a private and romantic experience with your company. It may include a personal tour, flowers, champagne or chocolates.
  • Photography Package — This package could be designed for shutterbugs. You could include camera equipment, extra photo stops along the way and a special souvenir frame where they could display the pictures they take on your tour.

Create a marketing campaign focused solely on your tour packages

how to promote your packages

The simplest and most effective way to promote your tour packages is to design a marketing campaign that specifically focuses on your current available packages. Your messaging should outline what is included in the package and should heavily promote the price of the package. In general, your target market segment should get the feeling that it’s more valuable to book a package rather than to select à la carte options from your tour website.

Be mindful of which marketing materials you use and which market segments you target. You should use the data you have collected to determine which groups will be most motivated to book your packages before creating and releasing your marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign will drive more package bookings, which will ultimately allow you to increase your revenue per booking.

Send out automatic emails when new packages are released

how to promote your packages

Whether you have designed a new package aimed at travelers who will be heading to your destination during the busy summer travel season or you have created a seasonal package for an upcoming holiday, you will want to let your past, present and future customers know about it. You can use e-mail marketing to release information about your new packages to your customer database. With the right technology in place, it’s easy to create and schedule automatic e-mails. You can even create a targeted e-mail aimed at a specific group within your database, such as travelers who have booked with you during specific months of the year or those who travel with their children. This helps you get information out about your latest package offerings to the most motivated travelers.

Promote your packages on social media

Social media is an excellent platform for promoting the tour packages that you have available at your company. The best ways to use social media to promote tour packages include:

  • Creating videos that showcase what is included in the tour. Video content is more engaging and powerful than other visual tools on social media.
  • Offering direct booking through social media. Don’t force your travelers to leave Facebook and head to your website to finalize their bookings.
  • Scheduling automatic posts so that your package promotions are prominently displayed during high-traffic periods.

Packages are an easy way to generate buzz about your business and develop brand recognition among your target market segments. You may want to consider creating seasonal packages as well as standard packages that are always available, as this gives travelers the most options when deciding what works best for their trip.

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