How to Attract Tourists With Disabilities

8 Aug 2019     |    Blake Ng

Becoming an accessible tourism provider requires you to attract a higher number of tourists with disabilities to your location. The best way to do this is to employ the best accessible tourism marketing strategies available.

Here are some tips you can use to market your tour company as an accessible tourism provider:

Remember that this market represents a large portion of the general population

Tourists with disabilities are not a small, isolated segment of the overall traveler market. According to Tourism Research Australia, they actually comprise a significant portion of the general travel population, making up about 11 percent of the total market. Recent research indicates that about 88 percent of people with disabilities took about 8.2 million overnight trips in the last 12 months. By including this market segment in your tour and activity company’s marketing plan, you’ll not only attract more travelers with disabilities, but you also will motivate those without disabilities to book with you because you are caring and compassionate.

Be detailed when promoting your accessible products

In order to capture the attention of this market segment and motivate them to book with you, you need to provide them with detailed information about the resources and services you provide. You cannot simply state that you’re compliant with all accessibility laws or remind travelers that you’re willing to make accommodations when necessary. List the resources you have at your disposal, and describe the alternative tours you offer for those who have additional needs.

Use photographs to provide visual proof of your accessibility

Words aren’t always enough when it comes to increasing your bookings in the accessible travel market. It’s essential to photograph your accessible resources to give travelers with disabilities the confidence they need to book their tour with your company. In addition, it helps if you include people with disabilities in your general marketing materials. This makes those with special needs feel less like an outside demographic and more included as part of your company’s operations.

Include people with disabilities in the conversation on social media 

Social media is an easy way to attract more travelers with disabilities. Make sure your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter include information about your accessible products, and always seek feedback from those who have disabilities. By including them in the conversation, you can gain valuable insight into how to better market your products and improve experiences for those with special needs. Remember, travelers may have disabilities that vary from physical impairments to sensory processing disorders or mental health conditions. Try to be as inclusive as possible when promoting your products to the accessible travel market.

Considering nearly 11 percent of all tourism expenditures come from the inclusive tourism market, it’s important to capture the attention of this niche market segment. The accessible travel sector is expected to continue to grow worldwide, especially as more hospitality and travel businesses invest in the resources necessary to be truly inclusive.

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