How Malibu Wine Safaris Boosted Bookings With Booking Software

1 May 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Malibu Wine Safaris is a unique adventure tour company that was founded by Dakota Semler. Visitors to Malibu Wine Safaris travel on an open-top safari truck while taking a tour of the one thousand acre ranch and vineyard. While they sip delectable wines, they get to see exotic animals and interact with other travelers.

Dakota, as the owner and operator, took care of operational responsibilities as well as all marketing campaigns. He knew that in order to grow his business, he had to find a way to focus on promotions and creating new tours.

He needed to figure out a way to take the stress of booking and scheduling off of his plate, which is why he turned to Rezdy, an online booking software designed specifically for tour and activity operators.

Here’s how he was able to implement this system and boost his bookings:

First, he identified the issues that needed to be addressed.

As his business grew, Dakota became aware of the fact that it was difficult to manage his bookings while he was also guiding tours and promoting his business. He was not always available to answer the phone, and he wasn’t always sure of when his resources — such as his safari truck — had been reserved.

“To grow our business beyond the one vehicle and resource that we had, we needed a robust and customizable software that manages resources and offers an online touchpoint to where people can book online.”

Next, he considered his online booking system options.

Dakota looked into several different online booking software programs, but when he stacked them up side-by-side with Rezdy, the choice was easy.

“We tried two other booking systems besides Rezdy, and neither of them were flexible enough. We settled on Rezdy because we could customize it to our needs, and it allowed us to automate resource management as well as integrate with other online services.”

Then, he implemented the Rezdy software system.

Now, Dakota’s administrative tasks are being taken care of automatically through Rezdy. He can focus on marketing his one-of-a-kind wine and safari tours, and continue to change, grow and develop his business. The software system was easy to adapt to, and his staff caught on quickly.

“Rezdy has the ability to procure resources like our vehicles, so it’s been amazing for us because there’s no overlap in scheduling. We never overbook our resources and we’re never short-staffed because Rezdy’s booking system is able to eliminate that.”

Finally, he watched his business skyrocket.

Dakota first began using the software in August 2013, and his online bookings immediately increased because it was more convenient for tourists to make a reservation. By increasing his marketing campaigns and implementing Rezdy, Dakota was able to increase his bookings by about 400 percent.

The Rezdy online booking system is the only comprehensive booking system that allows tour operators and activity providers to manage their bookings and allocate their resources.

It is completely customizable, and can be designed to suit the needs of your specific tour and activity business. If you want to boost your bookings and grow your business, then begin your free trial today.