How King Fisher Fleet Boosted Bookings in Slow Months with Booking Software

26 May 2015     |    Taz Bareham

King Fisher Fleet is a family-owned tour and activity provider that offers its customers the chance to enjoy sightseeing cruises and fishing charters.

It’s an established business, and Marketing Director Elissa Allen is a third-generation family member involved in running the company.

Elissa was looking for a way to smooth out the booking process so that she could drive bookings, especially in their traditionally slow months. Luckily, she succeeded. This is her story.

1. Audit your current booking process

As the person in charge of promotions and bookings, Elissa quickly realized that they needed to do something about their booking process.

The company utilized an electronic booking system for a year, and they soon learned that it was not flexible enough to meet the needs of their specific tour and activity business.

The system was not user-friendly, and it forced Elissa to spend a lot of time working through issues, training the staff and tweaking the software.

“The backend was not intuitive, so it wasn’t user-friendly. You would have to try to make it work when it wasn’t really designed to work that way, and they had terrible customer service.”

It was becoming too difficult to keep track of bookings and cruise availability, so she began the process of trying to find the right online booking system for fishing charters.

2. Research booking system options

Elissa wanted to make sure the next system she chose was flexible enough to meet her needs. She spent a lot of time comparing different online booking tools.

She was impressed with Rezdy, and even contacted other Rezdy users before making her final decision.

When she compared other programs side-by-side with Rezdy, they just didn’t offer the customization that she was looking for out of an online booking system.

3. Test out a vendor

For Elissa, the free trial was the perfect opportunity to try out the new booking system and see if it was the right fit for her business.

As it turns out, it was the perfect fit. Rezdy was easy to use, and it allowed her to create a portal that was uniquely suited to their needs as a fishing charter and sightseeing cruise provider.

“Rezdy’s customer service representatives were very willing to answer my questions during my trial. They were the only company who took the time to check in with me and find workarounds for me even before I was a paying customer.”

4. Measure results

Impressed by their customer service and thrilled with the system itself, Elissa quickly implemented Rezdy as the online booking system for the company.

The process was easy, and the staff learned how to use it in just an hour.

Before they knew it, more people were booking fishing charters and sightseeing cruises with them. During its slowest month of the year, the company saw bookings grow from 5% to 15%.

“The single biggest reason I would recommend Rezdy is the ease of access. Administratively, it’s everything you want it to be.”

In many ways, Rezdy is the best investment that you can make in your tour and activity business.

As a tour and activity provider, you will be able to focus more on adding value to your business and leave the administrative tasks up to Rezdy.

In order to boost your bookings in slow months, begin your free trial of Rezdy today. You won’t be disappointed.