How Fremantle Trams boosted group bookings with Rezdy’s Make It Social integration [Interview]

13 Apr 2015     |    Taz Bareham


Fremantle make it social

A few months ago, Fremantle Trams took advantage of Rezdy’s integration with the simple group booking solution – Make it Social.

We at Rezdy got in touch with Jon to ask him how he’d been getting on.

“Hi Jon, can you tell us a little about your business Fremantle Trams?”

“Sure, we predominantly offer day tours of the city to tourists. For over 10 years we’ve also been running a night time Ghost tour that visits Fremantle’s first gaol, it’s old asylum and its Victorian era prison.”

“Great, so you went to the Rezdy app store and integrated Make it Social’s “book with Friends” button with your site. What triggered you to do that?”

“Well, because our ghost tour has a dinner included it is very popular for social clubs, corporate outings and birthday parties. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen many an attempt by an individual to try and pull a night out together as a group. The difference between saying ‘yes we’ll come’ to ‘here’s our money’ can be very frustrating for the organiser and operator alike. Rezdy’s integration with Make it Social offered the best online solution we have seen. Finally the organiser could say ‘hey, we are going, do you want to come?’ and we can leave the rest up to Make it Social to convert them. Stress free group bookings!”

“Sounds like a good piece of kit. How have you found it so far?”

“We jumped at this integration and were ‘early adopters’ which meant yes, we had to get over some small issues initially. However Make it Social’s support is first rate and the guys dealt with the issues very promptly. Since then, we’ve had clients go about setting up their own group and it’s working seamlessly.”

“What have the results been?”

“It’s still early but surprisingly we’re seeing groups set up for as little as 4 people as well as larger ones. The fact that we no longer get requests for 20 and only 10 end up booking after a few phone call reminders is well worth it.”

“I can imagine that’s a real benefit to you personally not having to chase groups. So finally, what would you say to other Rezdy clients?”

“If you have a product that is popular with groups of any size, we’d recommend adding Make it Social to your site!”

How to integrate Make it Social

Make it Social can be added to your site for a one off fee of £29.99.

There on in, they charge a £14.99 a month (only on months were bookings are made) and 3% of any of the bookings taken through the system.

To sign up now, grab your Rezdy API key and head to this page. You can be live and taking advantage of group bookings in no time.

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