How Dropbear Adventures Gets Booked Online Way In Advance

2 Jun 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Dropbear Adventures allows people to enjoy Aussie 4WD eco-tours of the World Heritage site Fraser Island.

Hana is the owner and operator of the company, and she handles marketing, operations and finances, and has earned the well-deserved nickname of “Muma Bear.”

Previously, Hana used to complete all of their bookings manually, but by switching to Rezdy she has been able to save time, increase her bookings and plan her resources better.

This is how she did it:

1. Identify the problem areas

Hana is a hands-own business owner, and she loves to be involved in every aspect of her company. However, manually inputting all of the bookings was not allowing her business to grow.

Rather than looking toward the future, she was too caught up in the present. A single booking could take her up to 40 minutes to complete, and sometimes she would be e-mailing customers up to 15 times before their booking was finalized.

She even found that she was missing booking opportunities because she was on the phone with other customers making reservations.

“The lack of professionalism was frustrating. When people asked me what their booking was, I wasn’t able to just do a search for their name or order number. When I wanted a report of something, it took me hours and there was so much room for error. I couldn’t trust any of my staff to help me with it.”

2. Automate booking management

She knew that she had to get an online booking system in order to automate the process. While she tried working directly with online travel agents, she still felt like there had to be a better solution.

That’s when she decided to give Rezdy a try. She loved that the company had the same values as she did as a business owner. She knew instantly that it was the right partnership for her business.

“I love Rezdy’s philosophy of not being a commission-driven site, hence giving independents their own tools and the power to compete.”

Some of her favorite features include the resource management tools, real-time updates and live availability, and automated e-mails.

3. Reap the benefits

Prior to implementing Rezdy, Hana’s tours booked about two days in advance. Once she started using the Rezdy online booking system, her tours were booked nearly 2-3 weeks in advance.

“Since Rezdy, my business has skyrocketed. Rezdy has kickstarted our future bookings.”

Now, Hana can stay organized, plan her resources accordingly, and guarantee bookings. She now spends her time developing future tours and activities, and growing her business.

Rezdy is an online booking system that not only helps tour and activity companies become more organized and automate their booking process, but it truly allows business owners to grow and develop their companies.

By investing in Rezdy, you will be able to earn more direct bookings and secure more future bookings. In order to see how Rezdy will benefit your tour and activity company, start your free trial today.