How Backbone Adventures Simplifies Office Management with Booking Software

1 Sep 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Andy Hitch provides people with the opportunity to explore the peace and tranquility of the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado.

His company, Backbone Adventures, is a 4WD rental company that allows visitors to rent ATVs, Razors, Jeeps, and Dirt Bikes and explore the beautiful and serene trails along the mountainside.

With more than 30 years experience driving off road vehicles and exploring the local trails, Andy loves nothing more than being out on the open trail with his customers.

However, since he had a manual booking process in place, he was being forced to spend more time managing his office and less time interacting with travelers.

He knew he needed to streamline his office management in order to allow his business to continue to grow, and this is how he made his office more efficient.

Here’s how he did it.

1. Identify challenges with the existing booking process

Customers who wanted to book an off road vehicle for the day had to call into the office and make their reservation over the phone.

This was time consuming for both the customer and for Andy, and it left him vulnerable to overbooking and losing reservations.

Sometimes, Andy and his other guides were just writing down phone numbers and booking information on paper, and it quickly became frustrating and overwhelming.

“If we didn’t do anything about it, we would spend too much time taking reservations, when the extra labor involved in scheduling wasn’t necessary.”

2. Research booking system options

Andy quickly realized that there are several online booking systems available that are designed for travel, but few of them met his needs.

While they were designed for businesses in the tourism industry, they didn’t focus completely on tour and activity providers.

“I looked at a couple online booking systems, but they didn’t focus on rentals — and when they did, they weren’t set up to handle our needs.”

When he discovered Rezdy during his research, he knew he had found the perfect online booking system for his business.

3. Implement solution

After beginning his free trial, Andy knew that Rezdy was the right choice.

He was impressed by the fact that this easy-to-use online booking system allowed him to manage his live inventory, which had previously been a complicated process.

4. Watch business grow

The company shares its vehicles across packages, and without Rezdy, it was tricky to manage reservations without overbooking his resources.

“Rezdy makes office management easy. I spend more time making money on tours, and less time on the phones taking orders.”

And in addition, Andy has seen his bookings increase and has enjoyed revenue growth.

“We’ve seen a major increase in business since we put Rezdy in. I think it’s because it’s so much easier for our customers to book online. They can self-serve, be done with it, and go about their day.”

For Andy, Rezdy has done more than just increase his revenue and simplify his office management processes.

It has allowed him to reconnect with his customers and get outdoors again.

Your tour and activity company can enjoy all of these benefits and more once you begin using the Rezdy online booking system. Begin your free trial today.